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High Ticket Yeses

Sarah works with visionary entrepreneurs struggling to sell higher ticket packages to super-charge their income and confidence with high end programs that sell the socks off themselves.

  • Find your words to describe your work in a way other’s “get” right away
  • Work out the fears and mucky “stuff” about being seen for the ALL of who you are
  • Let go of the hype-y and sales-y things you’ve been taught and find your way to do it (+ stop sounding like everyone else)
  • Figure out a program + pricing strategy that works for you now and one to grow into
  • Make your offer with confidence because you know what to say and what to do
  • Stop over-thinking your marketing and put yourself out there in a way that feels good

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7 Essential Money Making Conversations

People who get the most out of working with Sarah:

  • Spend WAY too much time over-thinking what they say + what they do.
  • Want to be aligned inside + out in marketing + sales, never hype-y or manipulative
  • Have a desire to serve that is BIGGER than their fears.

Sarah guides clients to lead from the power of their uniqueness and individuality, claiming their unique gifts and leadership style, so they start getting results - without the cost.

If you are ready to do the INNER + OUTER work of feminine leadership in business + life, let's chat! Sign up here.


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