Clarity & Confidence for the Intuitive Entrepreneur

Sarah works with women in leadership struggling with marketing and sales, who want to nail down their words in any conversation and want to own their value, charge what they’re worth and get it!

She guides clients to lead from the power of their inner essence, claiming their unique gifts and leadership style, so they start getting results in life and business – without the cost.

Uncork Your Confidence – Release Doubt, Claim Your Voice & Own Your Power!

  • Talking about what you do makes so much sense the words just flow naturally – in marketing and sales.

  • Let go of being “too much” or “not enough.”

  • Convey the significant value of your work & inspire new clients to say Yes.

  •  Serve in a bigger way because you have plenty of resources & plenty of time.

  •  Get results that feel good to you & those around you.

People who get the most out of working with Sarah:

  • Struggle with sales and networking and know they need to master both.
  • 100% committed to building a thriving, prosperous business.
  • Want to create a lifestyle of freedom not a workstyle of obligation.Sarah Michael photo-wings_cropped

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