Getting YOU into your Marketing

by Sarah on March 8, 2016

Coach yourself promptFor all you sparkly coaches, healers and experts, I know you want to share your awesome knowledge WITHOUT being sales-y or hype-y — here’s a marketing prompt that does just that.

Instead of saying “this is what I know,” which may not feel right and may be off putting to others, share how you COACH YOURSELF.

The power here is letting others see, hear and experience your expertise without ever even implying “I’m an expert.”

I love this prompt, use it all the time myself and suggest it to clients, as it’s a SHOW rather than a TELL – and that’s powerful.

Give air to all those transformational thoughts you have in your head, the ones where you are helping yourself.

– What are you saying to yourself that others could benefit from hearing?
— Something that if applied to other people, would be excellent advice.
— It could be something you wish you could broadcast to everyone on the planet, you think it’s that important.

This idea came out of a morning last summer when I had woken up feeling kind of funky, and I had a full day of clients scheduled. So up until my first call at 10am, my sole focus was “putting myself back together.”

Asking myself what do I need now or next – all with the goal to feel MUCH better in a couple of hours. There was breakfast, a shower, meditation, going to the beach for 15 minutes, and for nearly 3 hours, all I did was focus on making myself feel better.

It was in one of those “man, I really need to get over myself” moments when I realized other people could probably get a lot from hearing about the process I took myself through that morning. So I did a 1 minute video andCoach Yourself was born.

Give this a try + see how it feels for yourself.

How have you coached yourself lately? (Cuz I know you have.) <3


Marketing in an Echo Chamber

by Sarah on February 23, 2016


Have you noticed that everyone kinda sounds the same?

Even if it’s slightly different, it’s the same questions, the same structure or format, the same words and the same promises.

There is a good reason for this, because many of us have taken similar business/marketing courses teaching similar material – because it works.

However, it’s begun to sound like an echo chamber a lot of the time and I find myself skimming over really worthwhile stuff because I just can’t hear it again.

But here’s what’s REALLY going on:

When we do this, we leave ourselves out – our beautiful, quirky, brilliant selves – OUT of it.

It feels canned, scripted and most importantly, we can not FEEL you and we can’t feel your heart.

Not fully and not enough to have you stick in our minds or hearts.

What I know is that you are all HEART and I want to feel that.

So, for the love of all that is holy, please make sure your marketing – all of it: words, webpages, strategies, conversations, pricing / packages is TAILORED for you.

Just you. No one else. <3


Hiding in Plain Sight

by Sarah on February 9, 2016

Hiding in Plain SightWe know we need to be visible in our marketing, right?

That in order to help people and grow our businesses folks need to be able to find us easily online and off. But what if being visible isn’t enough?

Something I’ve said at times during this whole entrepreneur journey has been “I’ve kinda been hiding in plain sight,” knowing I wasn’t really bringing ALL of myself to the table.

Sure, I was marketing, posting, speaking and doing the things I know to do.

But what I’ve realized in those moments is that I was also bobbing and weaving. I wasn’t really, truly and for reals, owning the ALL of who I am and what my work is.

Most recently, last year I saw that with all the wonderful training, coaching and mentoring I’ve received, I’d been solely focused in my marketing on the results – the tangible, tactile (or nearly so) outcomes.

I literally never once in my marketing had mentioned the growth and expansion I guide clients through, so they stand solidly in their power (and stop giving away it away on a silver platter).

I was hiding in plain sight – there but not all there.

As I began to lead with a different marketing message focused also on growth and the inner work, so many people asked me if this was something new in my business but it wasn’t.

When you work with me, you always get the inner growth work and the outer doing work that is required to actually get those results.

Look for yourself, where may you be holding yourself back — even just a little bit — in your marketing or promotions? Start there and just noticing the tendancy will help you change it. <3


We’re doing it again!

January 7, 2016

I sit before you once again – no make up – and this time MUCH more comfortable about it all. Wanting to stretch myself even more, I thought long and hard about what I could do or say that would feel vulnerable – and aha: My senior year in college I lost most of my hair. […]

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To You!

December 23, 2015

Happy Holidays! Thank you for the honor and the joy of being part of your world in 2015. It has been a wonderful year filled with new beginnings, expansion and changes — all good stuff (even when it wasn’t because it brought me somewhere new). I wish you ALL the magic and wonder of this season […]

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Insights from Project: YOU

December 13, 2015

Of course, I’ve been sitting on this announcement, more of my own stuff coming up about owning what I created, and the massive, nutso growth folks in Project: YOU experienced. What I didn’t realize about Project: YOU was that it was a bit of a social experiment. Despite having created numerous shifts for myself and individual […]

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Productive Puttering Redux

December 5, 2015

If you get even remotely close to me, I’ll soon be talking about time – specifically, having SPACE in our days so we’re not “ricocheting” from thing to thing all day, every day. A big part of having space is getting a ton done during the time we have to focus on a specific task […]

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“Just for You” Marketing

November 28, 2015

I trust you had a fantastic Thanksgiving with family and friends and are full of love and gratitude (as well as turkey and pumpkin pie). It’s been a delightful whirlwind of a couple of months since announcing Project: YOU. The brave souls who courageously embarked on this journey together have let go of many, many […]

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It’s Safer to Be Seen – Project: YOU

November 9, 2015

What feels true right now is best described as excitement despite being a little tired. It’s funny because a part of me is like “wheeeeeeeee!” and the other is like “can we take a nap yet?” I’ve been a busy bee last few weeks, and putting myself out there in a bigger way for Project: […]

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You BEing You

October 25, 2015

Y’all have heard me talk a lot at about how we adapt, contort and change ourselves to fit into boxes, rather than altering the box to fit us. The reason I’m exploring this from so many angles is to illustrate just how sneaky it can be in our lives and business – and how we […]

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