Luminary Leaders Mastermind

Finally make the income and impact you KNOW you're here to make, meeting and exceeding your sales goals, reorganizing your business around your Money Making Style and integrating the core fundamentals of the Feminine Sales Power Method.

If what you really desire is an uncomplicated way to
easily call in more high-value, highly qualified leads... 

The Luminary Leaders Mastermind is a high-level, hands-on, year-long program for coaches and consultants who want to double or triple their income. 

As your partner, we'll walk through creating what I call “Masculine Structures that Support Feminine Flow,” so you can relax knowing you’re supported by customized, supportive structures like scripts and outlines that allow your feminine side and your intuition to have a seat at the table. 

It’s the best of both worlds:  You’re not driving or pushing so much because your feminine intuition guides your selling, with masculine structures supporting you. 

In just 12 months (and with me personally guiding you every step of the way), you’ll completely revitalize the way you do business.  You’ll move from “doing all the things” (just to rustle up ‘meh’ leads) – to easily magnetizing exquisite fit clients, and selling your high-ticket offers like clockwork. 

Here’s how my high-touch, year-long Luminary Leaders Mastermind + Mentorship works:

💎 Money Made, Time Saved — Here, we’ll create a strong money-making foundation for your business so you can immediately start creating more cash flow in your business. 

We're also starting to figure out what marketing strategies you can stop doing or doing less, so you can make twice as much money and the reason that works is is you’re going to get your Vivid Picture Benefits, Feminine Sales Skills and Clients Everywhere Networking Conversations. 

So instead of the 5-6 marketing strategies you're focused on now, you’ll only be focusing on 2-3 AND making 2 to 3 times more money, with less effort. 

The result is that you’ll get clients from people who already know – and easily enroll them in packages that offer high-value experiences for higher rates. It's a fast cash infusion without doing more.

💎 Amplification of Your Marketing — Next, we're amplifying your 2-3 best-fit marketing strategies that are working really well, because we know what’s actually working and turning the dial up on your making you money.

You see that now that you’ve focused in on the strategies that are a) already working and b) you’re good at it gets easier to make more money in less time

You’ll start booking amazing clients from fewer sales conversations, increasing your conversion rate to 35-50%+++ with a customized sales conversation outline for you and your ideal buyer to support you – even though you know exactly what to do and ask without a script. 

💎 Results without the Cost — All the while you’re becoming a powerful, luminary leader, knowing how to come from feminine and intuitive side so you’re actually automatically making decisions NOT because you think you have to work harder to get the result, but because you understand how to get the result without working harder.

It's a whole other level of magic making and leadership – leading your clients, yourself, your team, your life, you have a whole new way of BEING in your sales, marketing and business. 

By months 9-11 you’re relaxing into a way of doing business that feels good and makes really good money. 

Coaching, Training and Planning

Three times per month you’ll have an opportunity to talk to me about customizing your strategy for your Money Making Style, as well as your sales challenges and opportunities in a small group virtual classroom.

Some examples for how to the coaching calls include: Further hone your Vivid Picture Benefits, deepen your awareness of your Survival Self and mindset, refine your packaging and pricing (possibly giving you a raise), debrief sales conversations, and get feedback on specific sales offers, positioning, and business growth strategies. Nearly anything you want.

Live Retreats + Workshops (Virtual For Now)

We’re together several times a year for 1 or 3 day events and workshops virtually.

These immersions provide an experiential and highly transformational experience where you’ll get personalized feedback, roleplaying, and refinement.

You’ll have an immediate new capacity in your power, magnetism and sales that will skyrocket your sales in the weeks and months following. (Value $8500)

Training Programs

Access to all my training programs and any new training programs I make in the next year.

Private Community of Support and Accountability - Priceless! 

Because we’re a small group dedicated to changing the world in our unique way and making sales:

You’ll find you have the perfect place to share wins, get much-needed insight, and find people to practice with. 

Practice your new skills in a great, safe environment, so you don’t “try it out” on real prospects for the first time (although that’s how Sarah learned).

Our private Facebook Group gives you 24/7 access to empowering peers traveling with you on the journey to Luminary Leaders Mastermind.

Feminine Sales Power Method

  • Own Your Power + Trust Your Intuition – Feminine Sales Power (value of $4000) 
  • Pull the Right People to You – Vivid Picture Benefits (value of $6500)  
  • The Right Conversation with the Right Person at the Right Time – Spacious Sales (value of $5000)
  • Hear Yes to Your High Ticket Offers – Heart Confidence (value of $3000)   
  • Become a Lead Magnet without the Hustle – Magnetize Clients (value of $3000) 
  • Get off the Income Rollercoaster with Consistent Money – Money Making Style (value of $5000)
  • Let Yourself Be Seen – Get Paid to Be You (value $3000)

Investment for Luminary Leaders Mastermind – Silver

Our Silver Level includes everything you need to get started:

  • (2) 1-1 Coaching calls with Sarah – one 90 min DEEP DIVE SESSION at the beginning, one 1 hour mid way
    *Earn calls by doing things (value of $8,500)
  • 3 Group Coaching Calls per month (value of $3,000) 
  • 2 Virtual Intensives 3 Day Retreats
  • 3 Virtual Intensives 1 Day Retreats  
  • Access to existing training and any new trainings through the year

Total Value of Silver- $71,000

Mentorship in Luminary Leaders Mastermind is


members paying in full receive a generous $3000 discount

bringing your investment to just $14,997.

Event Only Bonuses 

Get It Done Messaging Day

6 hours group, individual time in BK room with Sarah - for first 8  (value of $10,000)

Paid In Full Bonuses 

$3000 in Savings
VIP Day Intensive - 6 hours (value $7500)

Investment for Gold Level

Gold Track 

You receive everything above in the Silver level PLUS:

(16) 1-1 Coaching calls with Sarah – 2 hours at the beginning
(value of $27,000) 

Over $98,000 of Value

Your Total Package Investment is $14,997
Payment Plan Available

Investment for Platinum Level

Platinum Track 

You receive everything above in the Silver level PLUS:

(40) Hours with Sarah (value of $48,000)

Over $131,000 of Value

Your Total Package Investment is $49,997
Payment Plan Available

It's Intuitive + Deliberate –
that's why it works!

Marnie N., Ojai, CA

With Sarah's support, we created a package to present to the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, and she coached me on how to make a strong offer.

I really appreciate Sarah’s knowledge and honoring of partnership, and masculine and feminine powers. It was a relief and revelation as a woman business owner to pay as much attention to how I am feeling as I do to what I am doing.

Sarah gives you tons of templates and tools, scripts and outlines, and then shows you how to customize them for you and you business. Now I have all these resources to draw from when marketing and selling.

For the first time, I really stood in my value, and made my biggest offer ever at $10,000. It was my biggest week yet AND I'm on track for my first $18,000 month! Thank you, Sarah!
~ Marnie N., Ojai, CA

Gordon M., Austin, TX

With Sarah’s guidance, I raised my rates by 3x, sold my work as an entire package for the first time and closed two new ideal clients in just 6 weeks.

Sarah Michael truly is a loving, caring, and inspirational coach. Brilliant! Need I say more? Hire Sarah and get on with your uncorked life.
~ Gordon M., Austin, TX

A Little About Me...

I am Sarah Michael, and I’m ALL about you letting go of what you think other people want from you, so you can bring MORE of yourself out in your sales and marketing.

I help visionary leaders ready to doing the inner and outer work to be the force of nature they were born to be, and create real financial results – consistently – without the cost to themselves.

That’s Where the 
Magic + money happen.

No B.S., no $100K in 3 months promises, no hype-y pressure, no "magic bullet" or  one-size fits all solutions.

Just solid, practical action steps gained from my years on the front lines of distressed and bankrupt companies, learning how businesses succeed and fail.

That, coupled with a Feminine Sales Mindset + Conversation Structure that melds solid strategy with your intuition gives clients the know-how and confidence to have powerful sales conversations that connect and convert. 

Simply Put, I Guide 
You Back to You

Your gifts, your quirky, your brilliance and your power as expressed in your marketing and sales – your Luminary Leadership.

I’ve struggled myself knowing in my core I had to figure out a way to make all the strategies I learned work better – and feel better.

The ONLY thing to do…

Break the mold of what you think you need to be doing or saying.

Tailor it to fit you and your personality.

Find out your unique mix of marketing and sales that's yours ONLY.

I’ve done this for myself, numerous clients around the world and I am here to help you do just that, too.

Fast-Track Your Growth with:
Experiential Roleplaying
Expression + Confidence Games
Immersive Training

Can't wait to help you
step into your 
Luminary Leaders Mastery!