Get Paid to Be You

Magnetize Clients + High Ticket Sales

A Proven Transformational Process for Authenticity,Visibility and Expression –
and with that, you become magnetic to 
high ticket buyers that say Yes easily. 

Bringing your full personality out in your marketing and sales can be a little nerve-wracking, right? 

I get it. I'm Sarah Michael and when I finally forced myself to start doing videos after 3 years of business, I was entirely sideways about it. I did fine on camera but inside – oh my. I was a mess.

Same with sales conversations and speaking in front of the room. I got through them pretty well but I was a wreck inside.

Most people think that if they show their quirky or goofy sides, people won’t take them seriously but that’s just not the case.

A BIG part of what people buy is YOU!

What I do is help you get comfortable doing the thing you’re afraid of, so that you can show up as a powerful leader, not afraid to show your goofy or quirky sides, and knowing that what people are buying IS you.

There’s nothing to hide, and nothing to prove.

You may have taken programs where you try to boost your confidence through affirmations or meditating your way to millions. 

The reason this doesn't work is that’s just stuffing positivity on top of fear and doubt. Which doesn’t work because it only affects the conscious mind, we need to get to the subconscious mind. 

The reason the Get Paid to Be You works is because you re-wire your subconscious mind by giving it substantial evidence that you will be a-ok — even BETTER if you let yourself be seen.

This is a proven transformational process that helps you finally get comfortable doing the things you’ve been avoiding, and puts an end to “energy leaks” that are costing you thousands of dollars.

By the end, you will...

  • Build trust with folks quickly because you so clearly know your stuff in a way that really connects.
  • Be confident showing up fully so you get out of your head and BE YOU so you start attracting more clients
  • Stop over-thinking what you’re going to say and get your message out faster, so ideal clients can actually find you
  • Share your perspective with passion and without overcompensating (so there is zero to “proving” energy)
  • Start sharing your expertise and opinions to attract clients in a way that feels good (and isn’t hype-y or sales-y)
  • Get 100% comfortable on video and build trust with folks quickly because you so clearly know your stuff in a way that really connects

All so you begin marketing and selling in a way that feels like you –
because it
IS you, your voice + your message.

When your voice is this strong and this clear, you’ll reach + attract more clients,
because they like
what you’re saying + who you’re being.

Get Paid to Be You
starts January 14th!

Fast Track Your Growth with a Proven 5-Week Visibility Process
and see why most graduates take it again and again, and again.

To register, click Talk with Sarah so we can speak briefly and make sure it's a great fit. 

There are 3 main phases we go through during

Get Paid to Be You.

Shake It Out

Your Beauty + Appearance
Let go of fears about what you look like
- and learn how others SEE you.

Receive the true reflection of who you are to others:
how beautiful, adorable and wonderful - so you start to believe it!

Let It Out

Your Personality + Quirkiness
Show your quirky side - the YOU of YOU -
and allow yourself to be cheered on for it.

Learn who you are for others when you show up + bring more
of yourself out: your silly, goofy + your sense of humor.

Own It

Your Brilliance + Work

Start sharing your business expertise + message
in a way that feels good (and isn't sales-y or hype-y).

Bring out your gifts + genius, elaborating with mini-lessons +
see how what you say makes a big difference.

That’s what we’ll be doing in a safe, supportive and loving community
of other visionaries up to BIG things in the world.

Get Paid to Be You

Sofia W., Maryland

I notice I am more inclined to just turn on the camera and take a video. I have limited time and I’m more prolific than ever because I’m prepared and I don’t procrastinate putting my face out there like I used to.

I actually have MORE time because I’m not worrying about what others will think. – Sofia W.

Video is the best way to fast-track your growth, so you can really trust that you can let yourself be seen.

So that's how we'll do it — in a safe, judgement-free group of "Just Us."

If you know anything about me, you know I’m fierce about creating our own safety in order to stretch our limits + capacities.

Get Paid to Be You works due to the strong, safe container WE create.

There is no debating, playing devils advocate or poking at each other's ideas or thoughts.

Nope. Zero.

It's only about reflecting what you see in others, reinforcing the biggest lesson of the Get Paid to Be You:

who you are for others when you show up as ALL of yourself — in a way that is confident, powerful and without over-compensating.

Showing up as all of ourselves + in a way that can be heard by others is what will change the world. It's that simple.

A little about me...

I'm Sarah Michael and I’m ALL about you letting go of what you think other people want from you, so you can bring MORE of yourself out in your marketing.

That’s where the magic + money happen.

I work with coaches, healers and experts struggling with marketing and sales to find clients everywhere while being their brilliant, quirky self — so they make the impact and money they're here to make.

From messaging, marketing, pricing strategy, lead generation and value-based offers, I show clients how to leverage feminine and masculine strengths to get results that feel good and create a sustainable, fulfilling business.

Suparna D., London, U.K.

It was absolutely amazing I gained so much confidence and I've become a lot more comfortable filming myself and recording myself. I've been sending video notes to potential clients as well - it's been a really good 21 days. - Suparna D.

Excited to see what's next for you when you
let yourself be seen for all of you!