Money Making Style Assessment

While you might have tried everything, until you understand how to do marketing that's a match for your Money Making Style, you'll forever be overwhelmed and running on empty!

You will walk with their exact Money Making Marketing Roadmap, so you can stop doing EVERYTHING  and start doing the things that will make you money NOW.

In this money-in-your-pocket session, you will...

  • Create the marketing strategy that works best for YOUR personality and goals.
  • Simplify your marketing now that you know exactly which marketing strategies will work for your stage in business.
  • Get more clients from the things you're already doing and make more money instead of running yourself ragged.
  • Understand which business model you're in now and the shifts needed to get more clients without doing anything else.
  • What building a typical 6 or 7 figure business REALLY takes, and how to figure out what works for YOU.

Sarah Michael helps clients super-charge their income and confidence with high ticket offers that sell the socks off themselves.

Clients book $10K clients within 48 hours, triple their rate and sign up 3 new clients in less than 6 weeks, or easily sell $3000+ offers right from the start of their business.

I intuitively download the words clients need to use so their high ticket clients "get" it and want to buy -- so clients find clients EVERYWHERE!