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A common mistake people make is thinking they have to be pushy or manipulative in order to find clients, so they over-correct and don't do anything.

That's not going to work.

Unfortunately, most people out there marketing and selling are doing it in a way that is slimey and salesy, and leave people with a bad impression – and you don't want to do that.   Me Neither!

I wouldn't do it, so I found a way to talk to people – online and off – and turn friendly conversations into sales conversations without "pouncing" on people, so it never gets weird.

Many of my clients still thank me for showing them how to do this, it's very intuitive and very deliberate – that's what makes it work.

Renting aU-Haul

Sandra came to me feeling like she was letting clients slip through her fingers but she didn’t know what to do about it. 

We work together and within a few weeks, I get a text GIF of Carlton's (from Fresh Price of Bel-Air) exuberant dance – with her t

We work together within a few weeks, and I get a text GIF of Carlton’s (from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) exuberant dance with her telling me she just got a client from the lady who rented her a U-Haul.

Knowing how to meet someone, ask a few questions and figure out if they’re a potential client quickly, and if so, invite them into a sales conversation works – all in way that feels natural, logical and NOT slimey.

Jump on this – I promise you you'll simplify your marketing,
and get more clients from the things you love and do well.

Sarah Michael supports clients to super-charge their income and confidence with high ticket offers that sell the socks off themselves.

Clients book $10K clients within 48 hours, triple their rate and sign up 3 new clients in less than 6 weeks, or easily sell $3000+ offers right from the start of their business.

She intuitively downloads the words clients need to use so their high ticket clients "get" it and want to buy their services.

She conceived the Money Making Style Quiz to help clients quickly and easily see how to simplify their marketing so they make more money in their business from the things they're already doing!