Partners – Summer + Fall 2023

Understand the Ins + Outs of Your Money Making Style + Your Next Steps 

Low Key Hobby

Life Balance: Low effort means you get to be coming from your feminine side the majority of the time, with some masculine drive and push at times too.

Common Mistake: Jumping into the High Key Hustle phase of business thinking you need to scale, instead of taking the easy route selling a handful high ticket offers every month, which is the gateway to the Easy Breezy phase.

Best Marketing Strategies for You Right Now: networking, relationship building and outreach, speaking

What's Next: Skip straight over High Key Hustle and into Easy Breezy.

What You Need: You need to focus on getting really good at attracting high ticket buyers and selling high ticket offers. That’s all. 

Now that you know your current Money Making Style is Low Key Hobby, you’re probably wondering
how to move into Easy Breezy or even Easeful Empire, while skipping the High Key Hustle. 

Explore the Infinite Potential in Your Business with Your Money Making Style

Yay you! You're in the Low Key Hobby phase of business - that's a great place to be. That means you're getting going, you're getting started. You may be brand new.

You might have been in business for some time, selling a low quantity of a low ticket offer and possibly stuck in the Low Key Hobby phase because you're not sure how to grow your business in a way that is sustainable and is going to support you along the way.

You're right to be a little cautious. Most people at this point will jump into the next phase of business, which is called High Key Hustle where you're trying to sell a high quantity of a low ticket item.

But that doesn't work until you also have a big enough audience, once you're talking to enough of an engaged audience you can get dozens of buyers for a $297 offer, for example.

When you don't have that audience, though, in order to sell that many things, you're going to have to hustle. You’re going to have to work a lot to make enough sales to make the kind of money you want to be making.

Instead, let's just skip over the High Key Hustle phase. You don't need to deal with it since the Money Making Styles are not linear. You do not have to go through each one to get to the next.

You can just skip over High Key Hustle straight into the Easy Breezy phrase.

What you need to do that is a high ticket offer, and know how to sell high ticket offers with confidence and comfort.

You also need to be focused on the right marketing strategies for where you’re at in business, right now. Not where you want to be.

The best marketing strategies for you right now are short term money making strategies like networking in person and virtually, outreach and follow up calls to build relationships and speaking.

A common mistake is trying to scale with the complex, cumbersome long term marketing strategies that you see everywhere and everybody seems to be doing like funnels, webinars, lead magnets, Fb ads, etc. You can ignore those because they're not going to work until you have bigger audience numbers.

To get to the Easy Breezy stage of business you need to focus on getting really good at attracting high ticket buyers and selling high ticket offers. That’s all.