Feminine Sales Power
The Right Business Model for You, Right Now
FREE Interactive Workshop

If you want selling to be easier, let's get you into the right business model for you, right now.

You're likely trying to get more leads, chasing sales and exhausted.

Let's make it easier. You'll walk away with:
* Understand which business model you're in now and the shifts needed to get more clients without doing anything else
* Let it be easier once you're in the right business model for you, based on your life, rhythms and habits
* What building a typical 6 or 7 figure business REALLY takes, and how to figure out what works for YOU

Tuesday, September 9th at 12pm PST / 3pm EST / 8pm GMT

FREE Interactive Workshop

Jump on in – I promise this is a judgement-free space to figure out
the right business model for where you're at NOW (not later). 

Marnie N., Ojai, CA

With Sarah's support, we created a package to present to the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, and she coached me on how to make a strong offer.

I really appreciate Sarah’s knowledge and honoring of partnership, and masculine and feminine powers. It was a relief and revelation as a woman business owner to pay as much attention to how I am feeling as I do to what I am doing.

Sarah gives you tons of templates and tools, scripts and outlines, and then shows you how to customize them for you and you business. Now I have all these resources to draw from when marketing and selling.

For the first time, I really stood in my value, and made my biggest offer ever at $10,000. It was my biggest week yet AND I'm on track for my first $18,000 month! Thank you, Sarah!

~ Marnie N., Ojai, CA

Sarah Michael supports clients to super-charge their income and confidence with high ticket offers that sell the socks off themselves.

Clients book $10K clients within 48 hours, triple their rate and sign up 3 new clients in less than 6 weeks, or easily sell $3000+ offers right from the start of their business.

She intuitively downloads the words clients need to use so their high ticket clients "get" it and want to buy -- so clients hear Yes! all the time.