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If you want selling to be easier, let's get you into the right business model.

You're likely trying to get more and more leads, chasing sales and running yourself ragged. 

You'll get:
* Understand which business model you're in now and the shifts needed to get more clients without doing anything else 
* Let it be easier once you're in the right business model for YOU, based on your life, rhythms and habits 
* What building a typical 6 or 7 figure business REALLY takes, and how to figure out what works for YOU

Renting a U-Haul

Sofia came to me feeling like she was letting clients slip through her fingers but she didn’t know what to do about it. 

We work together within a few weeks, and I get a text GIF of Carlton’s (from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) exuberant dance with her telling me she just got a client from the lady who rented her a U-Haul. 

Knowing how to meet someone, ask a few questions and figure out if they’re a potential client quickly, and if so, invite them into a sales conversation works – all in way that feels natural, logical and NOT slimey.

Sarah Michael supports clients to super-charge their income and confidence with high ticket offers that sell the socks off themselves.

Clients book $10K clients within 48 hours, triple their rate and sign up 3 new clients in less than 6 weeks, or easily sell $3000+ offers right from the start of their business.

I intuitively download the words clients need to use so their high ticket clients "get" it and want to buy -- so clients hear Yeses all the time.