Sell your high ticket offers powerfully,
without being pushy…

You'll go from "hustle" and "doing too much"...

to easily magnetizing exquisite fit clients and
consistently selling your high ticket offers.


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In Feminine Sales Power...

You’ll learn to leverage your feminine side and stop pushing… while allowing your intuition to guide your marketing and sales – with masculine structures supporting your “feminine flow”.

Marnie N., Ojai, CA

With Sarah's support, we created a package to present to the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, and she coached me on how to make a strong offer.

I really appreciate Sarah’s knowledge and honoring of partnership, and masculine and feminine powers. It was a relief and revelation as a woman business owner to pay as much attention to how I am feeling as I do to what I am doing.

Sarah gives you tons of templates and tools, scripts and outlines, and then shows you how to customize them for you and you business. Now I have all these resources to draw from when marketing and selling.

For the first time, I really stood in my value, and made my biggest offer ever at $10,000. It was my biggest week yet AND I'm on track for my first $18,000 month! Thank you, Sarah!
~ Marnie N., Ojai, CA

Step into your Feminine Sales Power

A lot of times people don’t realize they’re stepping over potential clients and money all the time. If you can just be your quirky brilliant self when you’re selling, instead of shrinking or changing in some way, selling really can become easy. 

When was the last time you bought from someone that was quirky? You bought because you liked them and their quirky was endearing and adorable to you?

Here’s the thing, sometimes we lack confidence when we’re going to sell because we think we have to only show a certain side of ourselves but the truth is what people are buying is YOU and ALL of you. 

Part of my secret to helping you step into your

Feminine Sales Power is how to draw upon all your quirky, uniqueness – a combination of your personality, your multi-disciplinary, multi-faceted body of work and your brilliance – and package it into a high ticket message that sells.

Your uniqueness and quirkiness are what ENHANCES you, and when you know how to put them in the right words and  know what to talk about when, it’s like sales magic!

It's Intuitive + Deliberate –
that's why it works!

A little about me...

I am Sarah Michael, and I’m ALL about you letting go of what you think other people want from you, so you can bring MORE of yourself out in your sales and marketing.

I help visionary leaders ready to doing the inner and outer work to be the force of nature they were born to be, and create real financial results – consistently – without the cost to themselves.

That’s where the 
magic + money happen.

No B.S., no $100K in 3 months promises, no hype-y pressure, no "magic bullet" or  one-size fits all solutions.

Just solid, practical action steps gained from my years on the front lines of distressed and bankrupt companies, learning how businesses succeed and fail.

That, coupled with a Feminine Sales Mindset + Conversation Structure that melds solid strategy with your intuition gives clients the know-how and confidence to have powerful sales conversations that connect and convert. 

Simply put, I guide 
You back to You

Your gifts, your quirky, your brilliance and your power as expressed in your marketing and sales – your Feminine Sales Power.

I’ve struggled myself knowing in my core I had to figure out a way to make all the strategies I learned work better – and feel better.

The ONLY thing to do…

· Break the mold of what you think you need to be doing or saying

· Tailor it to fit you and your personality

· Find out your unique mix of marketing and sales that's yours ONLY

I’ve done this for myself, numerous clients around the world and I am here to help you do just that, too.

Fast-Track Your Growth with:
Experiential Roleplaying
Expression + Confidence Games
Immersive Training

Can't wait to help you
step into your 
Feminine Sales Power!