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Ka-Ching Club – Improve Your Mindset & Make Mo’ Money

Is it time to stop stressing about money?

Are you ready to have the money for what you want?

Have you said to yourself lately, I can’t seem to get ahead?

Ka-Ching, y’all!

Tiffany Cano & Sarah Michael are debuting Ka-Ching Club!

For the first time, we will share some of our own practices, mindset shifts and healings that have helped us make receiving financial pro$perity in our lives easier and a whole lot more fun.

From May 19th through June 13th, we will be gathering from 7:30am PT / 10:30am ET EVERY weekday, Monday through Friday,  morning to boost each day by receiving prayers, healing, positive affirmations, visualizations and tips to create a prosperous life.

By the end of the 20 daily Pro$perity Healings, you will:

  • Receive new and unexpected sources of cash, so you can begin to make choices that are not dependent on money.
  • Know exactly what to do (or not do) and you’ll have certainly about the next best thing to do, because your intuition will be that clear.
  • Have chance encounters and reconnect with old friends that lead to new clients, new sources of money and new opportunities.
  • Have a new comfort with money, talking about it will be easier and it will upset you less.
  • Let go of subconscious beliefs that are blocking the flow of money and create new habits that feel good.

All that, and your dreams and goals will suddenly seem do-able, and will HAPPEN faster and easier.

*** Imagine how amazing your life could be if you focus on what you DO want and start having that actually happen, and with ease.

YES! I’m in! I want 20 prosperity healings calls so I can create new, healthy, permanent and successful habits with money!

All of this for just $497.

Register now & embrace your inner “Money Magnet!”

  • Daily Healing Calls Monday through Friday 7:30am – 7:45am Pacific / 10:30am – 10:45am Pacific
  • Tips, tricks and new practices to expand your financial set point via email 3 times per week
  • A private FaceBook Group community of like-minded people supporting, celebrating and encouraging each other
  • Share in the collective prosperity energy of a community coming together each morning

We begin on Monday, May 19th, Sign Up now!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me: sarah(at)sparklingresultscoaching(dot)com.