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Meet Sarah

Sarah Michael is known as an Expert of Feminine Leadership, and is the founder of Sparkling Results. Sarah works with heart-centered and mission-driven entrepreneurs to produce real financial results that feel good.

With extensive experience in marketing communications, business operations, personal development and Law of Attraction, clients come to Sarah who are struggling with nailing down the words they say and owning the significant value and transformation they provide.  They walk away able to make real money and create a lifestyle rather than a workstyle.

Sarah is sought after for her gift of providing exceptional clarity to clients’ passion and purpose so they can powerfully express that in their business. Through this clarity, she helps clients develop deep confidence to articulate the value of their work in their marketing and sales.

Sarah created the Sparkling Business School – Uncork Your Power + Own Your Message program out of her own experience of unlearning corporate marketing and learning how to sell from her soul. She is dedicated to upleveling earthbound angels into profitable businesses.

Knowing she could make more of a difference outside of a corporate structure, Sarah applied all her remarkable skills, experiences and gifts to building a prosperous business. Less than a year after learning to sell for the first time, she won Loral Langemeier’s 3 Days to Cash Event, namely because she has the ability to sell multi-thousand dollar programs with confidence and credibility.

One of Sarah’s favorite expressions is “’it doesn’t feel right’ can be a valid data point when making a decision.” In her work and her life, Sarah leverages feminine and masculine strengths to get results that feel good and create a sustainable lifestyle that nurtures mind, body and spirit.

Clients and students say Sarah is a gift, offering practical get-it-done strategies combined with compassionate attention to clearing limiting beliefs and building confidence. Most importantly, she conveys the conviction that their passion and purpose matter and are valued.

Sarah conducts classes and workshops in Southern California, and by request across the country. She holds a degree in English from Kenyon College and a Masters of Communication Arts from New York University.