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Vision, Voice + Visibility

Are you tired of breaking promises to yourself?

Is it time to start showing up for yourself? Consistently?

Easier said than done, isn't it?

Most of the stuff you’ve learned or been told to do or say in your marketing doesn’t feel quite right and it doesn't seem to work like it should.

It feels sales-y and hype-y in a way you just can’t align with but you try and you do it anyway to the best of your ability.

You can't help but think those feelings are getting in the way of effective marketing. That you'd be more consistent if you actually LIKED what you were doing or saying. 

It's one thing to create a marketing plan, content calendar, launch sequences and events, but another thing entirely to actually do it and execute what you planned.

You do some, maybe most, of what you planned, but definitely not all.You stay on track the best you can, but know it would be more effective if you did what you said you would do - all the time.

So you’re out there – sorta and sometimes – doing what you’ve paid really good money to learn to do, and it only SORTA works, some of the time.

Then, afterwards it's like you've run out of steam. You fall into a lovely rhythm of serving your clients but when you get honest with yourself, you aren't marketing or putting yourself out there much at all.

Days turn into weeks and weeks into months, and it's only when you start thinking about your next launch or enrollment phase that you think about marketing.

You may think it's about being more disciplined or it's your mindset or you just need another training program.

While all those things may need tweaking, here's what's REALLY going on:

Marketing is not a faucet to be turned on and off.

Marketing should always be on and while it may look different throughout the year, it's a steady stream of marketing activities that flow from one into the next.

You're actually marketing even when you're not, but it's the absence of you that is felt and it's not good for business.

All that inconsistency in your marketing and visibility translate DIRECTLY to inconsistency in your income and influence – costing you clients and cash, peace of mind and confidence.

So let’s change that, shall we?

Vision, Voice + Visibility for Feminine Leaders

who want to bring ALL of themselves out in their marketing.

It's You and Me co-creating and customizing together, in a done-with-you program that takes you from up and down, inconsistent marketing, visibility and money to feeling confident it's ALL coming together now.

Because it's not just that you start keeping the promises you make to yourself and consistently putting yourself out there, but you also have a CONSISTENT marketing message that is the same throughout everything you do.

(A missing piece for many entrepreneurs who've built their business piece-meal with disjointed programs and trainings that don't show you how to carry your message across ALL of your marketing.)

In just a few months, you'll have focused, customized strategies tailored JUST FOR YOU that work consistently, bringing you consistent clients and cash.

By the end you will:

§ Release past hurts and fears about being “too much” or “not enough”

§ Trust yourself in any situation, because you have your words and are confident you can navigate anything

§ Find the words inside of you for your aligned message so you are confident and clear about the significant transformation of your work

§ Get Just for You marketing strategies that feel good, and keep you consistently visible because you've planned for the contractions

§ Let go of fears about sales and money, so making an offer, asking for the sale and having money conversations is easier

§ Know what you need daily, weekly + monthly to access your feminine power more often, and in times of stress or pressure

Even out the highs and lows, creating a foundation for consistent cash flow that you can plan on every month

It's all possible when you find YOUR way of doing it, words and strategies that work for you and your desires, patterns and natural style.

With me as your guide, we’ll sew together all you’ve learned,

customizing it just for you and how you like to be and work --

creating a newly aligned business that creates consistent clients and cash.

A little about me...

I am Sarah Michael, and I’m ALL about you letting go of what you think other people want from you, so you can bring MORE of yourself out in your marketing and business.

I help feminine leaders ready to do the inner and outer work of building a spiritual business, who want to create real financial results – consistently – without the cost.

That’s where the magic + money happen.

No B.S., no $100K in 3 months promises, no hype-y pressure, THE "magic bullet" and no one-size fits all.

Just solid, practical action steps gained from my years on the front lines of distressed and bankrupt companies, learning how businesses succeed and fail.

That, coupled with my intuitive healing work to help you uncover and heal where you’re giving away your power and playing small, create a container for you to align with every aspect of your life + business.

Simply put: I guide YOU back to YOU:

Your gifts, your power and your life purpose as expressed in your business – your feminine leadership.

I’ve struggled myself knowing in my core I had to figure out a way to make this work and be easier, yet experiencing the rollercoaster of inconsistent months of up-and-down revenue.

The ONLY thing to do…

· Break the mold of what you think you need to be doing or saying

· Tailor it to fit you and your unique style

· Figure out your way to stay consistently, sustainably visible in your marketing

I’ve done this for myself, numerous clients around the world and I am here to help you do just that, too.

Due to the personal + intimate nature of my signature coaching program, I'll be speaking to everyone

who applies to make sure it is 100% aligned with what you need next.

Marnie N., Juicy Living Coach

Sarah is really brilliant at getting to the language for me, the words to use when I’m talking to people, and now, it’s so much easier to talk about my work in a way other people get quickly.

She also truly transformed how I think about selling. I now view it as leadership and service and finally get the importance of these skills – sales & conversations – and that I need to master them.

I really appreciate Sarah’s knowledge and honoring of partnership, and masculine and feminine strengths. It was a relief and revelation as a woman business owner to pay as much attention to how I am feeling as I do to what I am doing.

You are a Powerful, Feminine Leader

Here's what I know about you:

You are a coach, healer, speaker or consultant who has a lot to say and share and you want to help a LOT of people.

You know that being consistently visible and putting yourself out there is crucial, but you just can't seem to actually make that consistency happen.

You often have a pit in your stomach and feel icky or salesy using what you've learned, but you've made your peace with it and do it anyway (at least some of the time).

You feel like what you've been taught (and paid good money to learn) doesn't fit quite right, like an outfit that isn't cut well and is pinching you.

You keep breaking promises to yourself, over and over, and can't seem to get out of that pattern.

You may have mindset beliefs and blocks that are holding you back and keeping you small, causing those broken promises and inconsistency.

You KNOW you can make this whole business this work if you could just figure out what's missing or not working.

You're so tired of beating yourself and feeling like you're failing, when you see everyone else doing great.

Your coaching experience will be completely unique and individualized to you,

​these are some of the possible topics we may cover.


Clearly connect your purpose to your business services right now (not down the line)

Tap into your aligned leadership + declare your mission + message

Heal the wounds that are holding you back

Beliefs + Mindset

Uncover limiting beliefs related to focusing on + claiming your tribe

Let go of hurts, injuries + wounds connected to your body of work

Easily articulate your Unique Design + Claim Your Value

Solid Confidence You Can Feel + Others Can See

Self-Care / Vibrational Maintenance

Identify what Exquisite Self Care looks like for you

Stop contorting and adapting to please others in biz + life

Boundaries, time + the feminine

Intuitive practices to get you out of your head, and into your heart

Success Rituals + Prosperity Practices


Heal the wounds connected to being SEEN + HEARD just as you are right now

Clarify your unique positioning and point of view that sets you apart

Stop diluting yourself or watering down your message

Message + Words

Tap into the Heart, Mind + Soul of your Ideal Clients

Identify their “Need Right Now” Struggle (not what YOU know they need)

Create your Vivid Benefits that Ideal Clients "get" quickly

A 30 Second Intro that has folks saying "I need you!"

Sales + Offers

Heal wounds and injuries related to pressure, sales, money + being “sold to”

What to say when making your offer so it is focused on its VALUE, not dollars for hours (verbally and in writing)

How to talk about what they get, what you do + how much it costs


Figure out where your Ideal Clients are hanging out, online + off

Visibility is an expansion energy requiring a contraction​

Determine​ your visibility / marketing plan for several months, not just the next few weeks


Get your words to talk about the You of You, your unique positioning + POV

Offiline: Networking, Speaking, etc.

Find your words so it's easy to network online and off

Online: Giveaways, Challenges, Lead Magnet, etc. 

Programs + Pricing

Design your 1:1 or Group experience based on what they “Need Right Now"

Have your Aligned Pricing for right now and one to grow into

Let go of beliefs that have you undercharging or trading

Together, we find what is already inside of you that already knows EXACTLY what to do or what to say.

I guide you there, but it is ALL you.

What You Get + How It Works


(1) 3-hour Immersion Session

(4) 1-hour sessions per month for approximately 4 months​

* 3 spaces available​


(1) 3-hour Immersion Session

(2) 1-hour sessions per month for approximately 4 months

* 6 spaces available

*** I also have packages of 3-6 hours total too, if that is the best fit.

  • Foundational Mindset Practice Audio Trainings (value $997)
  • Exquisite Self-Care + the Feminine
  • Abundance + the Feminine
  • Focus + the Feminine
  • Time + the Feminine
  • A Community of other like-hearted entrepreneurs, having similar doubts, breakthroughs + celebrations (Priceless)
  • Access to private Facebook group collaboration, celebrations & support
  • Practices + Tools to maintain and shift your mood + mindset you will continue to use for years
  • Worksheets, step-by-step How-To, templates and checklists you will use over and over as you evolve (Priceless)

Due to the intimate nature of this 1:1 program, I'll be speaking
to everyone who applies to make sure it is 100% what you need next.

We'll have an open, exploratory conversation. No strings, no pressure.

This is right up your alley if you’re ready to:

· Finally put an end to the inconsistent marketing and inconsistent revenue without saying or doing anything that doesn’t feel like you

· Do the inner and outer work it takes to grow this much, this fast and have your livelihood connected to it

· Stop looking at everyone else to gauge your prices, marketing, messaging, etc., but focus on your inner alignment only

· Talk to people, online and off, have connection calls and sales conversations without any pressure or hype

· Get your words and conversations flowing, easily and in a way others get immediately

· Boost your confidence because it’s ALL coming together at last

LOVE NOTE - there are only 8 spots open for this intimate and immersive experience with me.

If it speaks to you, click here to book a call to apply + make sure it’s a perfect fit.

This is not your bag if:

  • You’re unwilling to have connection calls + sales conversations, we’ll do both the inner work it takes AND the outer work of what to say and do but you’ve gotta be willing to go talk to people. <3
  • You want to stick with the click–and-buy model that limits access to you, is harder to convert with a small list + generally doesn’t work as well for those of us focused on inner growth.
  • You want “done for you” messaging, I help a TON and it’s a co-creative process where I draw it out of you, and intuit the words aligned with your Ideal Client.
  • You’re not willing to do the courageous, sometimes scary inner work to align with your spiritual business + souls purpose. It’s not for the faint of heart, and I’ll be right there by your side having been through it all. <3
Sofia N., Creative Soul Guide

“Sarah is my marketing business truth guide. She helps me to come up with the words for my programs and offerings online and in person. I really have found her help invaluable and I’ve had a lot of marketing classes/coaches etc.

I immediately made all of my money back from this program, because it was a lot easier to make sales with Sarah's help.

She really has a huge heart and is pretty brilliant. So super supportive and focused on what will help me return all that investment I’ve made in my biz, more so than anyone else, and she’s good. I feel like she’s the best thing ever for my business.

I've been told I'm more committed to your getting a return on your investment than most coaches.

It's true! I hitch my wagon to yours, helping you get exactly where you want to go and make good money along the way so your make back your investment and more.  

How to Apply - Book a Call

Why? Because I want to make sure it's a perfect fit for what you need next.

We'll have an open, exploratory conversation. No strings, no pressure. If we're not a fit, I'll refer you to a trusted colleague, another program or suggest a resource or book. 

I can't wait to work with you!

Believing in you,



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