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Love Notes

Marnie N., Ojai, CA

With Sarah's support, we created a package to present to the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, and she coached me on how to make a strong offer.

For the first time, I really stood in my value, and made my biggest offer ever at $10,000. It was my biggest week yet AND I'm on track for my first $18,000 month! Thank you, Sarah!
~ Marnie N.

Gordon M., Austin, TX

With Sarah’s guidance, I raised my rates by 3x, sold my work as an entire package for the first time and closed two new ideal clients in just 6 weeks.

Sarah Michael truly is a loving, caring, and inspirational coach. Brilliant! Need I say more? Hire Sarah and get on with your uncorked life.
~ Gordon M.

Wendy Y., Los Angeles, CA

Wendy in Full Color
After working with Sarah and getting comfortable really being ME, I realized my black, navy and white wardrobe didn't fit me anymore, so now I own several brightly colored dresses

The biggest takeaway, something I've known all along and do a pretty good job of, but had never applied to technology is to find a way that works for me.
- Wendy Y.

“Sarah is my marketing business truth guide. She helps me to come up with the words for my programs and offerings online and in person. I really have found her help invaluable and I’ve had a lot of marketing classes/coaches etc.

“She really has a huge heart and is pretty brilliant. So super supportive and focused on what will help me return all that investment I’ve made in my biz, more so than anyone else, and she’s good. I feel like she’s the best thing ever for my business.”
~ Sofia N., Japan


As a woman business owner, I was struggling doing a ton of things, but not making the money I wanted to.

Sarah is really brilliant at getting to the language for me, the words to use when I’m talking to people, and now, it’s so much easier to talk about my work in a way other people get quickly.

She also truly transformed how I think about selling. I now view it as leadership and service and finally get the importance of these skills – sales & conversations – and that I need to master them.

I really appreciate Sarah’s knowledge and honoring of partnership, and masculine and feminine strengths. It was a relief and revelation as a woman business owner to pay as much attention to how I am feeling as I do to what I am doing.

Sarah provided tons of templates and tools, scripts and outlines, and then showed me how to customize them for me and my business. Now I have all these resources to draw from when marketing and selling.

With her support, I created and launched a new high end program and enrolled 7 people into it within 2 weeks, receiving over $5000 in revenue.

I am incredibly grateful for her commitment to my success and my well being.

I would highly recommend Sarah’s programs to anyone who wants to make more money, while taking exquisite care of themselves.

Maryann J., Ventura, CA


Sarah came as a gift in my life at the most providential time — I knew she was going to play a key role in getting me out of the starting gate. Through her coaching, I was able to overcome huge blocks to sales and marketing, especially sending out e-blasts. She would either doing healing techniques to help me get over the blocks, or help me re-frame my sales approach so it was not only less oppressive, but an opportunity to express what I have to offer another to improve their life. She also is brilliant on the practical side of making goals and taking the next steps to reach them. Her involvement and coming along side me at that crucial time tremendously accelerated my business going forward and how I felt about it.

As far as her “bedside manner” — she was always patient and gave me space to ask questions, convey my doubts, and even disagree at times. I needed that freedom that she offered, and that has made her a safe person to work with on such a close and personal endeavor.

~ Christy S.


Sarah Michael has done a wonderful job as my business coach. During that time, she has used her extensive knowledge of and experience with building a heart-centered small business to guide me on my path to starting my own. She has taken me from having a vision of the business I dreamed of creating through each stage of building it including making a business plan, designing a website, and sending out mass email with MailChimp. This was extremely helpful, and with Sarah’s encouragement, support, and weekly phone conferences, I am already on my way to becoming a successful entrepreneur!

– Kathy B.Feminine Leadership website