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Words Masterclass

Why Your Words Aren't Connecting

with Potential Clients

Masterclass + Live Q+A

In a sea of entrepreneurs, coaches and speakers, it’s crucial to SOUND different, so you and your services are memorable.

You have to find YOUR words – the ones that feel good to you AND people “get” right away.

The simple truth is if your words don’t resonate, none of your marketing is going to work.

Finding your words is crucial.

It’s foundational and it makes EVERYTHING you’re “doing” work better and with less effort.

Helping you find YOUR Messaging, words and language is my gift and I excited to help  you:

Why Your Words Aren't Connecting with Potential Clients


You'll get a ton of clarity about:

- What words to use so you paint a clear picture from the start about what you do, so potential clients just “get” it.

- Why you need to “break the mold” of what you can say or what you can do (no more cookie-cutter strategies).

- What is really going on when you’re marketing funnel isn’t working.

- Finally figure out why marketing has felt “off,” or just plain slimy.

Tuesday, December 13th

11am PT / 2pm ET / 7pm GMT

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A step-by-step outline of what to say at the beginning, middle and end of that 1st conversation,

so talking about what you do just flows naturally -- and people "get" it!

Can't wait!

xo, Sarah