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Find Clients Anywhere Mini-Course Bundle

Want to sell more from your speaking gigs,
networking, videos + social media? 

START HERE: Click here for the 
7 Essential Money Making Conversations Flowchart +

Designed so you can navigate ANY situation that comes your way,
confidently while feeling totally natural and at ease the entire time.

Without manipulation or slimey tactics.

Next, jump into the Mini-Course below. 


Greetings + Conversation Misalignments
approximately 11 minutes

Why Your Conversations Are Crucial to High Ticket Sales
with certain business models or stages in business.
approximately 9 minutes

High Ticket Conversations - Figure Out if You Can Help Them Fast
so you know who is a potential client right away.
approximately 10 minutes

Turn a Friendly Conversation into a Sales Conversation for High Ticket Sales
if that's what's needed and without "sneaky sales" or manipulation.
approximately 14 minutes


Connected Conversations Guide
for the Initial Conversation

Know what to say at the beginning, middle and end
of that first conversation.

Click the image to download immediately.


Go have some Conversations!

You can immediately implement what you learn in these videos so... 
Go on out there and talk to people you've met online or off --
and see how much better it feels to you and them.

If you want to see if and how I can help you
sell more with your money-making conversations, 
Sign Up Here and we'll talk.

We'll go deep, and whether we're a fit to work together or not,
you'll get tons of insight about yourself, your marketing and
sales that you can use right away.