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Pop the Cork! Celebrate Your Value & Increase Your Income

“No one gets my work.”

“I need to put myself out there more.”

“I want to make more money so I can help more people.”


A virtual Celebration to start off the year grounded in how PRICELESS your work is. We will…

  • Celebrate you and your work, and its significant value so you KNOW your work matters in a big way
  • Explore default subconscious programming that may be holding you back, so you know what to do about it
  • Find out why saying “Yes” to only those clients that are a joy and an honor to serve gives you freedom & more money
  • Learn how describe your services in a way that inspires new clients easily

This call is for you if you struggle to describe what you do in a way that others easily “get” and you want to fine-tune what you say so people quickly and easily understand how crazy-priceless it is.

Register here for the
Pop the Cork! Virtual Celebration
January 16th at 4pm Pacific / 7pm Eastern