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Tailor-Made Marketing

You’ve taken the programs and trainings. Perhaps you’ve had a coach, perhaps you’ve DIY’d it with the best of them.

You’re implementing all the STRATEGIES and SCRIPTS you’ve learned: logos, websites, Fb ads, Fb Groups, signature talks, webinars, networking, freebie opt-in, etc., etc., etc.

So you’re out there – sorta and sometimes – doing what you’ve paid really good money to learn to do, and it only SORTA works, SOME of the time.

You may think...

  • You need more or new strategies or scripts
  • No one “gets” what you do, it’s too hard to explain
  • No one wants (or will pay for) your services

But what’s really going on is we can’t feel YOU – your strategies + scripts are not tailored to you, your style and personality, your focus on the inner growth work and your deep desire to help people.

This can create a nasty downward spiral of doubt, confusion and beating yourself up.

And that creates inconsistent efforts in your marketing and yep, inconsistent cashflow in your business.

If you’re seeing yourself here, join me on my next complimentary Masterclass:

Tailor-Made Marketing –

Get Comfortable + Be Consistent

Tuesday, May 24th
1pm PT / 4pm ET / 9pm GMT

You'll get CLARITY on:

::: What's really going on when you disappear from your marketing for weeks at a time, it's not about discipline, accountability or hustling, either.
::: Why all the marketing strategies in the world won't work well if you haven't found your WORDS that your Ideal Client can HEAR.
::: How your OFFER during a sales call is the most important 5-10 minutes of the call + how to do it with clarity and POWER, without being salesy.

Mark your calendars now + be there on the Masterclass Live. I’ll be opening up the line at the end for Questions and Laser Coaching.

I can’t wait to get you all some clarity on what is often the missing link for many heart-centered entrepreneurs.

Believing in you,