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Are You Running Your Life or Is It Running You?

[Structure Supports Flow]

The Structures that Support Flow help us feel good, at least more often than we once did. By using the Structures, we are more capable of running our lives, instead of our lives running us.

But there is one key result of incorporating structures that support flow that I want to illustrate very clearly. It’s why so many of these Structures Supports Flow Tips are focused on schedules, calendars and time.

These time-based structures help us avoid forgetting things, which is a huge part of having more flow in our lives. When we forget things until the last minute, or a deadline sneaks up on us, it causes a panicky burst of frenetic energy.

And that can be messy. And tiring.

Instead of getting a task done during the time we’ve allotted for it on our calendars, we’re scrambling to squeeze it into our already packed schedules.

What is more, we’re likely to get it done without enough time to do it well, which can lead to mistakes that cost us time, energy and patience.

Since rushing around causes stress, which absolutely does not feel good, the more we prevent the “Oh, no I forgot about that” moments, the better.

After all, there are plenty of surprises in life beyond our control, and if we minimize as much as possible the ones we can control, we’ll have more flow, more of the time. To put it simply, we  feel calmer and we are definitely more effective throughout our days.

The next round of Uncork Your Confidence, my flagship small group program, starts soon. One of the areas we focus on is creating structures customized and tailored just for you – to support your habits, your rhythms and proclivities.

If you know you want some support having more flow in life and business, then let’s explore if what I offer is what you need next. Go to http://talkwithsarah.com and sign up so we can connect.

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