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Being & Doing Business Differently

Having returned from a restorative and transformational trip to Lake Powell, I’ll be doing some things differently from now on. More importantly, I am being differently.

I’ll also be talking differently, because on the boat I realized I’ve been hiding in plain sight.

I’m going to share two different scenarios I see when I’m talking with other coaches and healers. With it, I’m going to illustrate something you may already be aware of.

On the one hand, there is Lynnette who is busy all day everyday running her business, constantly late for her next appointment, and exhausted. She frantically ricochets from one thing to the next, a complete slave to her schedule, and can’t even find the time to slow down enough so that she can take care of herself.

Then there is Joan, who has limited time because her kids come home at 3 pm. Her days are spent wondering what it is she should do, unsure of the next step and if it is the RIGHT next step. Her time ends up being eaten up by this and that, and before she knows it, her kids are walking in the door.

Both are struggling because they’re not reaching – and helping – enough people, money is up and down. Most importantly, they’re drained and discouraged.

They’re wondering if all the time, energy and money they’ve invested in themselves and their business are worth it.

They’ve even started considering bailing on it all. But every time they think about that, their heart hurts.

BUT here is what is really going on:

Neither Lynnette nor Joan has integrated who she is BEING with what she is DOING.

The Being is the feminine / yin energy of intuition, creating a sacred space and taking impeccable care of herself so she has plenty of energy.

The Doing is the masculine / yang energy that takes action, fuels projects and launches, builds businesses and gets ‘er done.

The thing is we need both, and both need to be integrated, rather than balanced. It’s not about a 50-50 split, rather knowing which is needed in any given moment, and then knowing how to switch gears fast.

That said, let me ask you this:

What would be possible for you if your feminine and masculine energies were integrated in your life and business? [Hint: More impact, more money, helping more people, more freedom and fun.

Would you like some help figuring this out?

Just sign up here and we’ll see if one of the remaining spots in the VIRTUAL group intensives yours might be a perfect step for you. No strings attached. <3

Believing in you!

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