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Create Your Own Structure

I saw the coolest “structure” the other day that was a very crafty banner with “Just F*?#ing Do It” written on paper circles as a reminder to get things done. Each circle was creatively decorated “just-so” and it hung on a wall in her office so she saw it every day.

It was so unique and individual to that person, it got me thinking.

Structures can and should be individualized to suit YOU, and your habits, proclivities and patterns.

And I bet that you already have some structures you use daily to support flow – you just haven’t identified them as such.

You may have already surrounded yourself in your workspace with pictures, a small vase for a pens, a photograph of those dear to you. Good!

If not, think about putting such things on your desk or worktable or nearby. They make you feel good and are a great example of a structure that helps you flow.

Let’s open it up and explore some other easily ideas for structures that support flow:

  • Stickie notes in your home, office, bathroom about how you’d like to FEEL
  • A piece of jewelry that reminds you of your core values
  • A dish or bowl by the front door for your keys
  • A basket for papers that need to be filed
  • A notepad in the car to jot some ideas on-the-go
  • A journal next to your yoga mat to remind you to write
  • Fashion emergency kit in your car (fabric tape, lint roller, static spray)
  • Workout clothes laid out and ready to go the night before
  • Easy and healthy recipes you love to eat and make you feel good

Notice what structures you already have in place that are supporting you and get creative.

As you see a need for a new one, this is your permission to create ANYTHING you want that supports you to be your best self as much as possible.

Have fun with it!

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