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Hiding in Plain Sight

Hiding in Plain SightWe know we need to be visible in our marketing, right?

That in order to help people and grow our businesses folks need to be able to find us easily online and off. But what if being visible isn’t enough?

Something I’ve said at times during this whole entrepreneur journey has been “I’ve kinda been hiding in plain sight,” knowing I wasn’t really bringing ALL of myself to the table.

Sure, I was marketing, posting, speaking and doing the things I know to do.

But what I’ve realized in those moments is that I was also bobbing and weaving. I wasn’t really, truly and for reals, owning the ALL of who I am and what my work is.

Most recently, last year I saw that with all the wonderful training, coaching and mentoring I’ve received, I’d been solely focused in my marketing on the results – the tangible, tactile (or nearly so) outcomes.

I literally never once in my marketing had mentioned the growth and expansion I guide clients through, so they stand solidly in their power (and stop giving away it away on a silver platter).

I was hiding in plain sight – there but not all there.

As I began to lead with a different marketing message focused also on growth and the inner work, so many people asked me if this was something new in my business but it wasn’t.

When you work with me, you always get the inner growth work and the outer doing work that is required to actually get those results.

Look for yourself, where may you be holding yourself back — even just a little bit — in your marketing or promotions? Start there and just noticing the tendancy will help you change it. <3

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