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Are You Overcorrecting in Your Conversations?

If you’re like many people I talk to, you’re tired of the hype-y, slimey Sales Conversation tactics that leave you feeling like you have to pressure or convince potential clients to work with you.

It feels gross — you know it, they know it. You’ve been pressured or shamed, I’ve been pressured or shamed. 

What that creates though when you’re out there talking about your work and selling is an inclination to OVERCORRECT. 

You’re so afraid of making people feel like that, you go light in your sales conversations, not asking the hard questions and not really exploring what they need or their pain points.  

And you feel icky and worried the whole time about whether you’re making them feel pressured or shamed. 

I’m all about helping you END all that doubt and sell with confidence because you’ve found YOUR way to sell that feels like you. 

It’s about knowing how to deliberately navigate anything that gets said and with that, easily enrolling more clients.

Look for yourself, where do you fall on the “coming on too strong” vs. “going too light” spectrum in your sales conversations?

Understanding your relationship to pressure is key to having power without slime in your sales conversations.  <3


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