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It’s Safer to Be Seen – Project: YOU

What feels true right now is best described as excitement despite being a little tired. It’s funny because a part of me is like “wheeeeeeeee!” and the other is like “can we take a nap yet?”

I’ve been a busy bee last few weeks, and putting myself out there in a bigger way for Project: YOU.

With 60 or so folks already in Project: YOU, I didn’t quite realize I’d be starting it to a certain extent immediately, even though it doesn’t officially kick off until tomorrow.

What is more, I’m experiencing more than a little visibility hangover, I gotta say. A quick 10 second video giving myself a pep talk, reminding myself it’s safer to be seen.

Watch the Video

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I didn’t realize how much I’d stretch myself simply by promoting, I didn’t realize how much I was going to need to deal with my own stuff (which makes me giggle, because of course I was!).

At times, a part of me would like to crawl under a rock and hide, but Project: YOU has most certainly touched a nerve and so, I am decidedly NOT crawling under a rock.

Yet, I’ve been taking really good care of myself. All this stretching takes a ton of energy.

If you want to work out some of your own inner stuff around being seen in your marketing, from the bottom of my heart: please join us.

Something beautiful is happening.

More Info About Project: YOU

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