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Ask the Question No One Is Asking

Ask the Question NO ONE Has Ever Asked – Trust Yourself!

Key to your conversations and selling – and feeling good while you’re doing it – is to be listening on several levels.

Listening from a place of deep curiosity so you can really get into and understand exactly where they are at in that moment.  

Listening like this is paying attention to the exact words coming out of their mouth, their individual phrasing and way of putting things AND

Intuitively listening and feeling into what they are say. This is why I say selling takes Listening on 5 Levels:

  • What they’re saying
  • What they’re NOT saying / what’s behind what they’re saying
  • What do they need
  • What are they afraid of
  • What do they need to hear or be asked

What happens when you’re listening on many levels is you will get ideas and intuitive hits about what needs to be said or asked.


Even if it feels a little “out there” or tricky, or potentially triggering or like you’re level jumping and asking a very personal or revealing question before you’re connected enough.


I’ve found when I do, it ends up being the question NO ONE has ever asked them and pivotal to their shifting or popping through something.

Trust yourself when you hear those nudges and GO THERE.

One thing I’ve done in especially tricky moments (inside my head worrying about “going there), is tell on myself as I like to call it.

Something like “I’m seeing something I’d like to ask you (or say) that feels a bit too soon given we’ve only known each other for 2.5 seconds…”

So trust yourself, tell on yourself if need be and GO THERE.

When you do, you’ll a) help someone break through something they need to and b) set yourself apart from ALL the others because NO ONE has ever asked them that.

You’ll get more clients that way too, and even those who don’t sign up, they’ll remember you as the one who asked them the question they needed to be asked.



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