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Big New Awareness Alert

There isn’t always a 1 to 1 corollary between inspired marketing and where the money comes from.

You know how when you’re doing your marketing and it doesn’t seem like it’s working, so you stop?

I do. Partly because as a marketer from long ago, we should always be looking at our marketing activities and making sure they’re actually working.

We can waste a LOT of time doing stuff that isn’t turning into clients and money.

Also partly because I get discouraged. I’m sure you’ve been there too.

Here’s the thing I noticed last year.

I’d do a bunch of outreach emails and calls and get zero response but then in the next few days, new potential clients would pop up – seemingly out of no where.

But it wasn’t out of no where. Even though all that marketing action was in that specific direction, the Universe saw the buckets of inspired action I took and sent me the clients and money I wanted.

Saying there isn’t a 1 to 1 corollary between inspired marketing and money is just a super geeky way to say that the Universe rewards aligned action, even if the evidence isn’t 100% obvious.

Get out there and do what you said you would and notice what shows up and don’t worry about whether it lined up perfectly.

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