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Insights from Project: YOU

Unfurl my Soul TanyaOf course, I’ve been sitting on this announcement, more of my own stuff coming up about owning what I created, and the massive, nutso growth folks in Project: YOU experienced.

What I didn’t realize about Project: YOU was that it was a bit of a social experiment.

Despite having created numerous shifts for myself and individual clients over the years, bringing a group of 30+ women through such a deep experience at the same time was new.

I must admit that I was a bit unsure just how far each person in Project: YOU would stretch herself, and man, was I in for a happy surprise:

From being scared to even take a picture of themselves and now knocking off 3 minute videos like it’s nothing — to baring (nearly) all on her blog — to speaking from their hearts instead of their heads.

Very cool stuff.

So much so that I spent the last 6 weeks digesting it all, figuring out how to articulate it and it’s time to share the wisdom and insights learned – both by me and the Project: YOU participants.

Catch the Replay here. 

  • The way others see us vs. how we see and perceive ourselves – brain science stuff about how we actually receive information visually and what our minds do with it.
  • Why creating a safe space to work out our fears works really quickly, how to create your own safe space to get comfortable doing something scary fast.
  • Marketing prompts and ideas that feel like you (because they ARE you), never feel sales-y or hype-y that you can use in right away.

It will be full of insights, take-aways and actionable ideas, none of this massive-promises stuff then telling you what you already know. Here’s the link again.

Now that I’ve uncorked myself (again), I can’t wait!


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