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Productive Puttering Redux

bigger-results-facebook-image-option1If you get even remotely close to me, I’ll soon be talking about time – specifically, having SPACE in our days so we’re not “ricocheting” from thing to thing all day, every day.

A big part of having space is getting a ton done during the time we have to focus on a specific task or project.

Which is why I felt partnering with Joy Evanns for herBigger Results in Less Time event was perfect to get in gear for the new year.

Joy has gathered 28 business experts, coaches, and professionals (including me!) to help you save time, improve efficiency, and get bigger, faster results.

You’ll get their best stuff: short-cuts and easy to implement strategies that they often charge big bucks for. Sign Up Here (it’s totally Free)

I’m really impressed with wide-array of giveaways to help you:

• Stop procrastination and actually do your to-do list.
• Save time and get the MOST out of the time you have to focus on a particular task.
• Stay focused and on task so you actually finish.
• Get stuff done without feeling overwhelmed, because you do it YOUR way.
• Organize your closet so you’re dressed and out the door quickly in the morning.
• Get more done and maximize your time, energy, and effort in your work and home life.
All yours – free. Here’s the sign up link again.

Choose as many of the resources as you wish. (Get them all if you want.)


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