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Marketing in an Echo Chamber


Have you noticed that everyone kinda sounds the same?

Even if it’s slightly different, it’s the same questions, the same structure or format, the same words and the same promises.

There is a good reason for this, because many of us have taken similar business/marketing courses teaching similar material – because it works.

However, it’s begun to sound like an echo chamber a lot of the time and I find myself skimming over really worthwhile stuff because I just can’t hear it again.

But here’s what’s REALLY going on:

When we do this, we leave ourselves out – our beautiful, quirky, brilliant selves – OUT of it.

It feels canned, scripted and most importantly, we can not FEEL you and we can’t feel your heart.

Not fully and not enough to have you stick in our minds or hearts.

What I know is that you are all HEART and I want to feel that.

So, for the love of all that is holy, please make sure your marketing – all of it: words, webpages, strategies, conversations, pricing / packages is TAILORED for you.

Just you. No one else. <3

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