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The Real Reason You’re Always Broke + Scrambling.

You want to make more money, but you’re filling your time with bullshit, NON-REVENUE / MONEY generating activities.

You’re EXPECTING Fb Posts to convert and getting upset when they don’t.

You’re collaborating on boondoggle projects that don’t MAKE ANY MONEY.

You’re pricing your services so low, you’re working all the time to make enough money.

You’re focused on LONG TERM strategies, and not short term ones.

So that’s a problem, filling your time with the wrong stuff. 

But that’s not nearly as big a problem as YOU HAVE NO TIME TO SELL. 

I’ve had clients who came to me wanting to make more money but when a potential client popped up (as they always do), they didn’t have time in their calendar for 1 or 2 weeks. 

Noooooooo! That’s not going to work. 

When someone reaches out and asks about your services or bubbles to the surface online, they are BUYING in that moment. Right then. 

Lovingly and gently guide them through your sales process but direct them to the next step or get them into your calendar RIGHT AWAY.

Same thing goes for if you have an event or online webinar, don’t ask them to wait to buy or get signed up.

[And if you’re doing this because it creates the perception that you’re SO busy and successful that you don’t have time, that’s bullshit and you’re losing sales.]

You MUST find a way to have SPACE in your calendar to RECEIVE the new clients that are coming your way.

How spacious is your calendar? Do you have “buffer” time in your day for the unexpected sales call or the online buyer looking for some information?


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