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Needs to Be Said – Judgement + Compeition

Let’s talk integrity and judgment and competition.

We give what we want to get.

We assume that others want the same things.

We judge them when they do something differently that we would.

We judge them when they adhere to different values than we do.

On the inside, yes all the time. On the outside, expressed sometimes too.

There are people in our industry that do not have the skills, the background or the capacity to do what they do.

There are people in our industry selling online and then disappearing and not delivering on the promised work.

There are people in our industry outright scamming their clients, their teams and their vendors.

All of this is true. The question is how much time, energy and brain space are you giving these people?

If you feel compelled to call out unscrupulous people publicly, those without integrity who are giving us all a bad name, that’s your right and prerogative.  

That’s one thing.

What I want to talk about is the rampant judgment going on in our industry.

There is a lot of looking outwards and comparing and judging others in the name of integrity, calling out certain people specifically or a type of coach.

Just because you don’t agree or like how the person got there (their experience) or the person’s perspective or vantage point.

Just because someone is doing something you don’t agree with doesn’t make what they’re doing reprehensible or wrong.

And when comparison and judgment are going on, you can be sure there is also competition going on – even if unconsciously so.

The next time you catch yourself comparing yourself to another or judging someone else’s work or business, pause for a second and check in to see if there is any competition there too. However subtle, I bet you’ll find a little tiny bit.

I know when I catch myself, I can find a little of it there and it’s humbling. But the point is, if we can name it and identify it, we have a much better chance of shifting out of it.

Check in with yourself, when was the last time you compared yourself or judged someone else?


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