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Why Posting to Facebook Can’t Be Your Only Strategy

(Or, how the Fb Algorithm Messes with Your Confidence, Excitement and Money)

You’ve heard of the Facebook algorithm, and you may think you get it, but not well enough given what I see.

The algorithm means a small, small portion of people see your posts, ads, videos — even in groups!

Like a tiny, tiny percentage.

Facebook recently again has changed the algorithm and it’s even harder to get in front of an organic – UNPAID, NON ADVERTISING – audience.

Your personal page is a bit better, but in general anything you post is NOT being seen by very many people.

Or, more bluntly NOTHING you post is being seen.

The algorithm limits who receives your post in their feed, and then we have to factor in whether or not that person is on Fb in that timeframe in order to see it. Can you see how limited that is?

Part of this is managing expectations and from a marketing standpoint, we have got to assume that very few people are actually seeing what you post.

Since marketing is about numbers and eyeballs to a certain extent, if it’s that limited, which it is on Facebook, you’re going to struggle finding and getting clients if your ONLY strategy is Facebook. 

This begins a spiral of doubt and uncertainty: you judge how well your message is connecting and attracting clients or NOT.

  • You start worrying no one wants what you do.
  • You start spinning out.
  • You start wondering why it seems to work for everyone else. (It’s not, and they’re either doing other marketing strategies or not making money).
  • You start thinking there is something wrong with you.

And it’s an instant confidence killer when it doesn’t get a ton of likes. When no one says yes or signs up.

So there is the vicious cycle thing that goes on where it dings your confidence a little, or a lot, you get a little less excited and start to spiral into doubt. 

While there are some who focus primarily on Fb, and do quite well, UNTIL YOU’RE THERE, YOU’RE NOT THERE.

You’ll also often find they are also doing other strategies and have an email list of 2000 AT LEAST. 

Here’s the thing posting to Facebook is ONE of MANY strategies you could be using in your marketing and sales. It should not be the ONLY one.

I’m shining a big ole light on this because I see so many entrepreneurs whose only marketing strategy is Facebook, and not Fb Ads (which are awesome).

If you want your business to work, you should have 2-3 solid marketing strategies that are NOT ONLINE. You can focus exclusively online when you have the NUMBERS.

For now, until you have those numbers, I promise you there are strategies you’d enjoy other than Facebook and chances are you just haven’t been exposed to what those may be.

If you’re committed to only posting to Facebook, I really do wish you good luck, just keep in this in mind before you decide that your business sucks, your work sucks and you suck.

You don’t, you’re just not getting in front of enough people.

What other strategies do you do besides Facebook? <3


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