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Reboot Yourself!

[Structure Supports Flow]

Some days are just a little more trying than others, a little funky, a little “off”, you know? Life happens, upsets occur – we all have days like this.

I figure they are part of the ebb and flow of life. I was not always like this – events would throw me off and it would take a little while to get me out of my upset.

Instead of hoping for “perfect” days (ha!) all the time, what I strive to do is shift out of the funk and back to feeling good (or at least neutral) as fast as I can.

For a small upset, this could be a few minutes or hours, and for bigger upsets, a couple of days.  While I absolutely believe in honoring my feelings, I want to do what I need to do to “reboot” myself so I avoid being off balance for very long.

When I notice I’m feeling off, I begin my own reboot sequence, a structure created to support my feeling better as quickly as possible.

Here’s what I do, so you can give this a try:

  1. Notice IF and WHEN we’re feeling off – it could be big, or a low grade feeling of “something is not quite right.”
  2. Look inside to see what may be upsetting us, and figure out what needs to happen to reboot ourselves.
  3. Identify a handful of ways we can choose from to help us shift into a more positive state of mind.
  4. Have an immediate reboot plan you can do in 5-10 minutes, and a longer one you can come back to later for bigger upsets.

Some of these reboot ideas may seem obvious – “here we go again, talking about exercise” – but often what is obvious become so because they work.

Some ideas to quickly reboot yourself – and add your own:

  • Call a friend, someone who always makes you feel good, even if all you talk about are day-to-day things.
  • Laugh about something – find a video online that always makes you laugh.
  • Dance – this works, too – it goes without saying, dance to your favorite song.
  • Meditate in whatever form makes you comfortable. Even sitting in silence and thinking calm thoughts can work.
  • Take a walk / exercise – remember that as over-used this advice is, it works!
  • Do something fun that you enjoy – only you can decide for yourself what is fun for you.

This is a fantastic structure to support our shifting out of upsets and feeling our best as much as possible, regardless of the ups and downs.

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