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To Do’s & To Don’ts

In this brand new year, I am resolved to begin doing some things for my business that until now, I gave myself a permission to ignore. One of the many things I’ve learned this year, is the sheer volume of “things to do” is nuts. Remaining focused on the most important tasks in a given day, and avoiding distraction from bright shiny objects, takes daily discipline.

My solution was to ignore entire aspects of my marketing (and as a marketer, I know all the things I should do), until there was sufficient space to focus on them. At first, I deliberately and compassionately gave myself the freedom to basically ignore social media or article writing.

In September, I began to add in consistent social media marketing and now I am committing to more consistent article writing. Giving myself this permission created an unbelievable amount of freedom as I let go of the “shoulds.”

Have a look at your “To Do” list and identify the tasks are not crucial to what you’d like to accomplish today and this week, and then actively, deliberately give yourself permission to only focus on those things for now.

Next, tell someone to best release your own internal pressure (and maybe some outside pressure, too), so you can truly create the space to focus on your priorities.

What can you give yourself permission NOT to do? Please comment below with what you’ll take off your plate today, this week or this month.

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