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Patience, Faith & Figuring It All Out

Recently, a new articulation of my work has been emerging; or rather it’s coming full circle around to some of my earliest intuitive insights about myself, my gifts and how I can serve most deeply in my business. It’s been this wondrous time of “Oh my goodness, look at that!”

I’ve noticed that in a heart-centered business, where there is no separation between me and it, the articulation of how I am expressed in my business – and comes in layers and levels – and yet, each layer builds upon the last, offers deep insight into what’s next and always, always snaps into place in the overall picture.

Having the patience to allow it to emerge and grow as I’m ready, as I’m more prepared and as it’s time, is what I’ve learned to do. Until I became comfortable with this unfolding, it was disconcerting because, well, “I want it all now!” But that’s not how it works.

I see this desire in my clients all the time, and my encouragement is to stay the course and know more will come to light soon requires faith and persistence, and that can feel really uncomfortable. Before there is enough personal evidence to support trust in this process, it IS a leap of faith and the only thing to do is keep going.

What is demanding your patience these days? Leave a comment below and let me know what’s requiring some faith.

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