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Too Much to Do?

I’m here on the day we honor not working because I’ve realized that too few of us are talking about adrenal fatigue. As we keep up with the demands of our busy, productivity-focused lifestyles, our adrenal glands are working too hard too much of the time. It’s sucking the life out of us, and in its most extreme version, adrenal burnout, it can actually kill us.

Essentially, we’re typically under way too much stress a lot of the time, whether we are aware of it or not. Our adrenal glands are pumping out tons of cortisol all day long, and they can’t keep that up over a long period of time. This degree of cortisol was only supposed to happen once in a while, under extreme circumstances.

I had been convinced for the last few years that I’d avoided adrenal fatigue when I learned to manage my stress better by balancing the feminine and masculine parts of myself.

But since about 2008, I began waking up earlier and earlier to the point where I was seeing 3:30 am at least a few times each week and “sleeping in” was 5 am.

I didn’t realize my early waking was a symptom until about a year ago, even though I knew about adrenal fatigue.

More significantly though, I had begun to wonder, to myself at least, whether I would ever feel rested again. The words “I’m tired” would run through my head in this quiet way. Hell, I was too tired to get that excited about being so tired.

So here’s the thing, most women don’t know about this unless they have it or know someone who does.

Better nutrition was one of the most critical changes I made. I’ve learned a lot about how to incorporate even more nutrition in a way that’s easy and quick from my friend and colleague, Deb Boulanger.

Recently I interviewed Deb and she offered some great ideas to get and keep our energy levels high throughout the day.

I invite you to listen to this short audio and to make a habit of at least 1 of her simple suggestions. Deb’s knowledge is vast, and she does a great job of making better nutrition easy.

Small changes really do make a difference and will definitely support better adrenal health. I’ll have more to say about healing and prevention, and for now I just wanted to give it some attention to raise awareness.

Recently while working with an energy healer, she muscle tested my adrenal glands and to my delight, they are functioning at the high range of healthy – even when she added “stress” to the test. Sweet.

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