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What are your “tells?”

One of the things it is important to look at is the small, subtle ways nerves or tension or doubt show up for you.

I’m talking about low-grade nerves here, not big expressions of it where it is obvious and can’t be ignored. These are your “tells,” signs or signals you’re just a tiny bit nervous.

When you get in touch with these small ways your body is telling you something is up inside of you, it will skyrocket your self awareness and let you start really managing your energy or mood.

As an example, years ago I noticed that I will very slowly and softly wring my hands. Nothing big, and certainly not frantic hand wringing we may be used to seeing that indicates extreme anxiety.

I remember about 10 years ago noticing I was doing it on a conference call where I was just a tiny bit concerned that a team member of mine would derail the meeting as she had before.

It was so minor, I almost dismissed it but instead I asked myself, “what is worrying you? what do you need?”

I’ve since noticed whenever I catch myself doing it and it’s most definitely one of my “tells” or signs.

I realized in that moment that it was a way my body was letting me know what was going on inside and I’ve learned to listen to it and use it as a sign to rebalance myself.

This is NINJA level personal transformation here, y’all and the key to start REALLY being in touch with the ways your body may be showing you your feelings.

So what are your TELLS and SIGNS?

If you don’t have an immediate answer, I encourage you to start paying attention to tension in your body or physical habits you may have and check in with yourself and see if anything is worrying you or making you anxious.



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