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Do you have a Frankenstein Business?

Beware of the Frankenstein Business, or Your Marketing + Sales Must Fit Together + Work Together or it’s Not Going to Work

There are so many really, really specific cookie cutter trainings and step by step systems out there. Like SO many.

You know the one for your funnel, the one for your signature talk, your signature program, the one for your Facebook group.

The one to learn to network, the one to learn to speak, the one to learn to lead a workshop.

And on and on.

Generally these programs are really, really great information but if you don’t understand how to USE the information and tailor it TO YOU AND YOUR PERSONALITY, it’s not going to work.

It is a bunch of disjointed and half-baked strategies that only SORTA works at BEST.

I call this the Frankenstein Business because it’s a mix and match of pieces parts that don’t fit together strategically and in clear, over-arching way.

Your opt-ins MUST point to your offer,

Your signature talk has to speak to the problem your program solves

Your intro and posts must speak to the needs of your Ideal Client who’s buying Your program

Your conversations must speak to the needs / results you get clients

and on and on and on.

It ALL has to fit together, related and make sense as a whole, otherwise it’s a frankenstein of pieces of this strategy and parts of this other strategy.

With a Frankenstein Business you’re not most out of every.single.thing you are doing in your sales and marketing.

To have a business work in this day and age you must be maximizing everything you do or it’s not going to work (or it’s going to suck).

Online and offline, for different reasons, if you have a Frankenstein Business you’re going to run around a lot and be really busy but still won’t be making money or impact you want.

Do you have a Frankenstein business? What are your pieces parts?



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