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Stop Expecting Overnight Success

And Beating Up on Yourself or Giving Up When It Doesn’t Happen. 

Building a business takes absolute commitment, tenacity and resilience – and you have to want it more than you’ve wanted anything else in your life.

I hear this from potential clients on the phone who tell me how their funnel didn’t work, or the signature talk they paid such good money for isn’t converting or how their sales calls always end up with it not being the right time for people.

I see this in videos and posts where you can FEEL how pissed, resentful, frustrated and downright indignant they are. They’re pissed people aren’t begging them for their services and upset the didn’t get thousands of sign ups for a webinar or dozens of clients during a launch.

You see numerous posts every.single.day that attest to 0 to 6 Figure Success Stories and offers from coaches promising that they’re WAY is going to get you there.

Real overnight success stories are RARE, and usually involve some crazy, one-off opportunity, introduction or random occurrence. They do happen for sure, but they are unicorn-rare.

The rest of the overnight success stories have been edited or time collapsed. I once saw a coach forget about 5 years of struggle and zero clients, after she made $100k+ in less than 9 months.

So let’s be honest, building a business takes work and at times working even though you don’t want to. There is no magic bullet and roadmap or blueprint to get you there.

All of those things can speed up the process, making it MUCH less painful and help you avoid making rookie mistakes but no ONE thing is going to get you there.

It’s a combination of many, many things – mindset, messaging, marketing, positioning, consistency, visibility, your money story, your ability to be comfortable and yourself while selling, etc. etc.

But do you notice I didn’t list any ONE specific thing?

I didn’t mention a funnel or video or posting on Fb because it ALL matters but no ONE thing matters.

I don’t mean you need ALL of the things, and I do want to impress upon you that you are learning and growing and getting better at these new skills and habits all the things each day.

But the learning curve is straight up vertical and it will test your soul and stamina.

It’s so easy to look at everyone else and decide something is wrong with you or no one wants what you offer. It’s so easy to look at everyone else beat yourself up for not being more like they are.

This is where staying focused on ourselves can get especially tricky for women:

Our feminine survival instinct to stay connected to other people means that we are CONSTANTLY looking outwards and assessing what others are doing or saying and anticipating what other people want from us.

So the thing to do is start noticing when that external focus kicks in and the doubts start flying in your head about whether you should change or alter or shift.

Notice it and start slowing down and considering that change before you do it.

Most of the time, you’ll see that if you check in with yourself, you should continue on exactly as you’d planned because that is the MOST aligned path for you.




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