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Getting the YOU of YOU Back

Another short video for you all, about WHY the desire to change ourselves to fit into a formula or system is so strong, as well as what you can do right away to find YOUR OWN way.

Why this adapting of ourselves happens is rooted in survival instinct, especially for women. It’s the default or instinctive compulsion – and yes, it is a compulsion – to stay in the good graces of the other members of the tribe. That then creates a desire to follow instructions and “do as we’re told” – even when it does not benefit us to do so.

Next, keep in mind what I’m about to say should be filed under “things that are simple, but not easy.” The process is simple, but implementing it and sticking with it is another thing entirely.

It takes self-awareness and noticing of what is INSIDE of you: what you want, what you feel best doing or saying.

1. FIND YOUR OWN WAY. Take that system, formula or strategy, and then look at each part, analyze it and identify what feels right to you, what feels aligned on the inside.

2. TRUST YOURSELF. I mean really, truly and for realz trust yourself. Trust that you know exactly what to do and say, trust your intuition, trust that you have been uniquely designed, equipped and prepared for whatever it is you’re doing.

This trust part may be tricky – it can be for me. What typically comes up is the voice in my head that says “but she said to do it exactly as she did,” or “I have to sound like her” or “but I don’t know if it’ll work.”

You’re going for a customized, tailored approach that fits YOU – make it yours and no one else’s.

There’s more to come in the next video about how to change your strategies to fit you, without spending a bunch of time on it, and confusing or doubting yourself in the process.

All to get the YOU of YOU into your business. Keep an eye out for it.

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