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Do You Get Freaked Out By Sales?

Recently I’ve been reflecting a lot on 5 years ago and my first wonky attempts at sales. Back 5 summers ago when I was just getting use to the idea that I had to sell. I KNEW I did right from the start but man, I really didn’t want to.

It was July when I heard loud and clear in my head, “We don’t want to sell!” To which I replied, “then we have to get a job,” given I’d been laid off a couple months earlier. The response was “Ok, we’ll sell.”

I don’t know about y’all, but when a thought is THAT loud and noticeable, I always pay attention. Given we have 200 conscious thoughts for every 11 MILLION unconscious ones, imagine how loud it is in my subconscious where all our limiting beliefs are stored. Yikes.

Somehow I got my first client even though I was a complete mess internally, and somehow I knew enough about sales to ask questions and figure out if I could help them. But it was all over the place and inside I was so freaked out.

I found an amazing sales coach a few months later and immediately tripled my revenue, and actually — amazingly, stunningly — won a sales competition about 6 months later. I won because I could enroll a multi-thousand dollar package and I would not have won had I not enrolled Pam in a $2500 program.

I went to that sales competition event because I knew if I asked dozens of people for money in a short time, all the little niggling fears and doubts about selling would go away.

And they did, because sales takes practice. Sales takes doing it again and again and again. I’ve probably had 600+ sales conversations over the last 5 years and it’s a BIG part of why I’m so comfortable with it.

But for y’all getting going with sales, or those who’ve been out there selling despite freaking out inside, what I want you to hear is that you CAN get comfortable with sales.

You can get to the point where you are only thinking of the other person during your conversations, instead of your head being filled with chirps of “she’s going to say no,” “she doesn’t have the money,” or “what if she feels pressured”.

You REALLY can — with practice and with the right support. I know you may not be able to see it or believe it yet, but I am living proof and YOU are just like me.

The question really whether you really WANT to get comfortable with Sales.

Our limiting beliefs about sales can be so big that we can distract ourselves with posts and funnels and videos, rather than doing the inner and outer work it takes to get comfortable selling.




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