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Stop Focusing on All the Things Without Also Working On Your Mindset

It’s a downward spiral of overwork, under-appreciated and not making enough money.

You think you it’s your funnel, your posts, your videos (or lack thereof), and while those things may need to be tweaked, the real reason you’re not closing more sales and making more money is once you get on the phone with people, YOU CHANGE.

Your energy shifts and you show up differently. You’re you, just a little off.

But they feel it. They feel ALL of it.

But you’ve drunk the cool aid and want to get folks to click and buy without already having the numbers, the audience or big ad budget it takes (not to mention the brand recognition that is needed too).

We’ve all been there. Bombarded with emails and posts with offers promising THE crucial piece you must have in your business if you’re really want to make BIG money or some such.

Yes, your conversations need work and your script if you’ve got one isn’t working for you.

But the real reason you’re not closing more sales is your MINDSET, what you believe to be possible + doubts about your goals or intentions.

You’re a little ticked off people don’t ask to work with you or immediately say yes.

You feel you deserve success and the money that comes with it.

And your bring that attitude (and yes, it’s an attitude) to your conversations, posts, videos and interactions online.

It’s this kind of chip on your shoulder thing that I call a proving energy.

Understandably it’s super frustrating if business hasn’t been booming and you feel like no one is listening to you or getting it. You may feel like screaming or ranting but if ANY of that comes out in your marketing and sales that shit’s gonna slow you down and make it damn hard to attract and enroll clients.

When we’re in a proving energy, people may feel an unconscious resistance that we likely couldn’t even identify, describe or articulate.

When we’re in that space, put simply: WE CAN’T HEAR YOU. At all.

And we’re certainly not going to buy from you.

One of my gifts is being able to see these energy leaks as I call them and notice the subtle, barely-there-but-there resistance to what you’re saying or asking of me.

So what to do?

You’ve got to get square within yourself about everything that has got you frustrated so you can show up in a way that is more spacious, welcoming and open.

Mindset, mindset, mindset work on all that frustration, impatience and pissed-offed-ness.

Visibility is about showing up in the RIGHT ENERGY. Not just showing up.




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