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Toss the Script + Stop Feeling Salesy

70% communication is NON VERBAL, which means WHO YOU ARE BEING in your Sales Conversations is MORE IMPORTANT than you are SAYING or DOING.

It’s how you “show up,” and WHO you show up as.  

Are confident and solid, or meek and unsure of yourself? Perhaps you’re over-compensating, what I call a “proving energy?”

Whether you know it or not, whether you like it or not, people SENSE your confidence and your doubts, they FEEL your energy.

If you’re using strategies or scripts that feel SLIMEY, it’s a good indication they’re not aligned with what you’ve learned.  

Who you’re BEING, your alignment and “relatability” – are you coming across as yourself, really and truly yourself? Or did you contort a little?

What You’re OFFERING, your Outcomes, Benefits and Testimonials – what are you promising, is it a follow my way system or guidance to find they’re own way, are you using “outlier” testimonials and case studies?

How you’re SHOWING UP in the actual SALES PROCESS, your Networking, Connection Calls and Sales Conversations – are you using scarcity in an inauthentic way? Are you pressuring folks or using manipulating tactics?

Some questions to help you discover YOUR OWN way:

  • What you’re causing with your work and HOW you want to cause it?
  • What drives you and your core values?
  • What feels good to you to receive AND what feels gross? (Lots of insight in what you don’t like.)
  • When has marketing and sales felt 100% authentic, fun and aligned? What were you doing or saying, and who were you BEING?

You must find you own way.

What do you see for yourself here? Where have you note found your own way yet? 

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