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What Is and Is Not a Sales Conversation (You May Be Surprised…)

If you think the only time you’re having a Sales Conversation is when you’re doing a Clarity / Discovery Session, you’re leaving money on the table.

I say Sales is Leadership because it starts at the beginning and YOUR leadership of the relationship will be the DECIDING factor of whether you can:

  1. a) NOTICE the signals and signs of a potential client
  2. b) RECOGNIZE they need what you have to offer
  3. c) KNOW when to ask permission to actually talk about how you can help them

It’s a PROCESS, carrying you from that first conversation through to any and all interactions you may have in the future.

NOTE: I do not mean you are “selling” all the time. I mean that you are in the Sales Conversation Process, because even if THEY don’t need you, someone they know might.

It’s ONLY about what you say, what they say and your intentional listening of what they say.

+++ Initial Conversation – It starts at the very beginning, the first time you meet or interact with someone. Not necessarily consciously, but the Sales Conversation Process starts right then.

YOUR JOB HERE: Listen to hear if any they say is a signal or cue that they’re a potential client.

+++ Relationship Conversations – It continues with any interaction you have with them in the future, your connecting again after the initial meeting and ALL subsequent interactions, too.

YOUR JOB HERE: Figure out if they’re a potential client and connecting the dots for those who haven’t realized you can help them yet.

+++ Sales / Clarity / Discovery Conversation – The actual Sales Conversation with questions about what they NEED – and KNOW they NEED, and what they WANT, desire or intentions.

YOUR JOB HERE: Help them identify what is getting in their way and understanding if what you have (your services) fits their needs or challenges.

+++ Follow Up Conversations – Building connection after either a Sales Conversation or a few months later to catch up, this one is about continuing to be listening for any ways you can help them.

YOUR JOB HERE: Connecting more and listening for if anything has changed creating ways for you to help.

I know for some of you understanding this feels exciting and liberating and for others, scary and daunting.

What’s coming up for you? Let me know, I’m here! <3

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