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Feminine Sales Mastery Hub SBS

Quick Glance Schedule:

Wednesdays at 1pm PT - 2:30pm PT

June 29th, July 6th, July 13th, July 20th, July 27th

August 3rd, August 10th, August 17th

August 31st, September 7th, September 14th

September 21st + September 28th

Bonus Workshops:

Dial In for ALL Classes: Phone: 425-440-5100 / Pin: 169706#

Foundational Mindset Practices + Training Audios

Abundance + the Feminine (complete before 2nd class time)

Time + the Feminine (complete before 4th class time)

Finding the Purpose in Your Passion Training Audio + Worksheet

Listen to the Feminine Leadership Business Plan Training Audio + BEGIN Simple Template (to be completed before end of course)

June 29th - You + Your Feminine Leadership

Exquisite Self-Care + the Feminine

Identify What Self Care Looks Like for You

Clearly connect your purpose to your business services right now (not down the line)

Alignment + Intuitive practices to get you out of your head, and into your heart

Tangible Benefit: Solid Confidence You Can Feel + Others Can See

Class Plan:

Replay from June 29th - 1st Class


Review of Online Hub

Review of Feminine Self-Care / Success Ritual Plan

July 6th - Your Purpose + Prosperity

Articulate + Own your Unique Design + Claim Your Value

Tap into your aligned leadership + declare your mission + message

Create your Success Ritual + Prosperity Practice routines

Tangible Benefit: Success Rituals + Prosperity Practices to keep you in alignment, and Clarity to articulate how you have been Uniquely Designed for your work.

Class Plan:

Replay from July 6th - 2nd Class

Intros + Intentions

Review Finding the Purpose in Your Passion worksheet

Claim Your Value, Articulate your Message + Leadership

Review Feminine Self-Care / Success Ritual Plan

For Next Class:

July 13th - Your Aligned Ideal Client

Claim Your Aligned Ideal Client, their Heart, Mind + Soul

Uncover limiting beliefs related to focusing on + claiming your tribe, who you are here to serve.

Identify their “Need Right Now” Struggle (not what YOU know they need)

Conjure their inner “Self Talk,” the words going through their heads, so you catch their attention fast

Tangible Benefit: Alignment with the Heart, Mind + Soul of Your Ideal Client, What They Need Right Now + the Words Inside their Heads

Class Plan:

Replay from July 13th - 3rd Class

Review Claim Your Value worksheet

Claim + Release Fears about Who You Are + Who You're Here to Help

Feminine Leadership in Business

Your Ideal Client + What They Need Right now

For Next Class:

July 20th - Your Wound + Unique Body of Work

Uncover hurts, injuries + wounds connected to your body of work

Heal the wounds that are holding you back so all that’s left is your power

Create visual diagram (mind map) of suite of offerings, so it’s all laid out so you know exactly where you’re going

Design your Signature Offering or Program based on what they “Need Right Now,” Aligned Programs worksheet

Tangible Benefit: Visual outline of your entire body of work as you know it today, as well as an aligned + feel good Signature Offering to start offering right now

Identify your Ideal Client's Need Right Now workshop

Your Wound is Your Work + Healing Buddies

Feminine Leadership in Business

Program + Pricing + Body of Work

For Next Class:

July 27th - Your Transformational Leadership

Tap into the words inside of you to describe the Outcomes,Transformation + Results your clients receive

Create your Vivid Benefits that resonate on the same frequency as your Ideal Clients – so they start easily and quickly “getting” YOU

Create your 30 Second Intro that will have Ideal Clients saying “I need you!”

Tangible Benefits: Clarity on What They Get, your Transformational Leadership: Vivid Benefits that they can “hear” + a 30 Second Intro — so your words just flow naturally

Class Plan:

Replay from July 27th - 5th Class

Program + Pricing + Body of Work round up - TBD

Benefits, Outcomes + Transformation workshop time

30 Second Introductions - Intro + Example

For Next Class:

August 3rd - Your Vibrational Maintenance + Self Care

Boundaries, time + the feminine survival instinct

How to stop contorting and adapting to please others

Determine what you need daily, weekly + monthly to access your feminine power more often, and in times of stress or pressure

Focus + the Feminine

Tangible Benefits: Establish a Self-Care Plan that supports your business AND life, as a feminine leader so you are CONSISTENTLY out there in your marketing.

Class Plan:

Replay from August 3rd - 6th Class

30 Second Intro Review + Round Up

Boundaries, time + the feminine survival instinct

Contorting + Adapting

Identifying Your Needs Ahead of Time

Vibrational Maintenance

For Next Class:

August 10th - Your Aligned Pricing + Program

Uncover beliefs about self-worth + self-value that are holding you back from truly valuing the significant transformation you provide

Stop trading, giving it away for free and undercharging

Align with a pricing strategy for ALL your offerings that feels good now, and one to grow into

Using the Law of Increase, you'll add more “USE value” that you receive in “CASH value,” to make sure you’re in alignment with your pricing (you’ll use this over + over)

Tangible Benefit: Know exactly what your Aligned Pricing is right now and where you’ll be soon + have the “Double-Solid” Pricing Alignment Practice to use forever

Class Plan:

Replay from August 10th - 7th Class

Identifying Your Needs Ahead of Time

Program Alignment + Your Body of Work

The "Double Solid" Test

Law of Increase + Setting Your Prices

Pricing Alignment

For Next Class:

August 17th - Connected Conversations

Talk to anyone you meet – online or off – and easily share about your work + hear about theirs

Step by step outline of Conversation that creates immediate connection + steps you up as an expert at what you do

How to foster that connection and invite a deeper conversation if they may be an Ideal Client

Tangible Benefit: A Feel-Good, Non-Sales-y approach to networking that creates connection, trust and rapport immediately. It’s money in the bank.

Class Plan:

Replay from August 17th - 8th Class

Connected Conversations

Taking up space and standing in your power.

In person or online networking

Roleplaying + practice

For Next Class:

  • Practice having Connected Conversations with...
  • 1 buddy from SBS + 2 friends, family or colleagues
  • Keep practicing - not memorizing - your Magnetic 30 Second Intro
  • Complete the Voice, Perspective + POV worksheet
  • Keep up with your Feminine Self-Care + Vibrational Maintenance

August 24th - No Class - Integration Week

August 31st - Your Voice, Message + Visibility Plan

Heal wounds connected to being SEEN, visible and powerful as you are right now

Get your words to talk about “The YOU of YOU,” your unique positioning + POV

Figure out where your potential Ideal Clients are hanging out, online + off

Create an outline for your Giveaways, Challenges or other Tribe / Lead Generation magnet

Tangible Benefit: Easily find, connect with and get to know potential Ideal Clients + an Outline for your mail lead generation strategy or program.

Class Plan:

Replay from August 31st - 9th Class

Taking up space and standing in your power.

Let go of doubt about bringing the You of You out in your marketing

Finding Your Tribe Online + Off  

Determine the right Lead Generation strategy for you

For Next Class:

  • Finish the Voice, Perspective + POV worksheet
  • Research 3 Offline + 2 Online Places / Groups where your Ideal Client is Gathering
  • Keep having Connected Conversations
  • Keep sharing your Magnetic 30 Second Intro

September 7th - Your Feel-Good Sales Conversation

Heal wounds and injuries related to pressure, sales, money + being “sold to”

What to say before the conversation so it’s clean and clear + no one feels uncomfortable at the end

What to say during the conversation that helps them get clarity on what they need + helps you figure out IF you can help them

What to say at the end of the conversation when making your offer so it is focused on its VALUE, not dollars for hours (verbally and in writing)

Tangible Benefit: Easy, breezey conversations that feel good to YOU and them, and everyone stays friends even if it’s not the right time to work together.

Class Plan:

Replay from September 7th - 10th Class

Finding Your Tribe Online + Off  

Determine the right Lead Generation strategy for you

Sales as Leadership - Intentional, Deliberate + Relationship-Focused

Inviting + Beginning the Conversation

Deconstruction of Sales Conversation

Distinguishing the Strategy + Finding Your Words

For Next Class:

September 14th - Your Creating Conversations + Visibility (Marketing) Plan

Distinguish visibility as an expansion energy that requires a contraction

Get strategies for influence + impact, how to create consistent engagement online + off

Offline: Speaking, Networking, Sponsorship + Events, etc., etc.

Online: Challenges, List building, freebies, JVs + affiliates, Fb / Social Media Networking, etc., etc.

Tangible Benefit: Identify 3 Visibility / Lead Generation Strategies that feel good to you + customize weekly Visibility / Lead Gen Plan you’ll be able to do consistently.

Class Plan:

Replay from September 14th - 11th Class

Sales Deconstructed round up

Visibility + Contraction - Planning on It

Choose Lead + Marketing Strategies

Declare the Initial Places You'll Show Up At

Planning - incorporating Contraction time and Marketing activities

For Next Class:

September 21st - Making a Value-Based Offer

Find YOUR words to describe your offer tailored to your work so you never feel like you have to “convince” someone again

Get phrasing ideas for how to talk about what they get, what you do + how much it costs

Roleplaying, practice + getting comfy with your offer so your words just flow naturally

Tangible Benefit: Customized script outline just for you to use every time you make an offer

Class Plan:

Replay from September 21st - 12th Class

Lead + Marketing Strategies review, questions + round up

Let Go of Fears about Making an Offer and Asking for Money

Making a Value-Based Offer

Value-Based Offer Roleplaying and Workshopping

Planning - incorporating Contraction time and Marketing activities

For Next Class:

September 28th - Your Feminine Visibility + Marketing Plan

Get clear on the different type of launches, roll-outs + focused marketing plans

Figure out which one is best for you + claim your strategy

Create a tailored, Just for You launch / marketing calendar, with built in Exquisite Self Care + Contraction Time

Tangible Benefit: Customized, week by week plan marketing / launch plan, factoring in the contraction time + exquisite self care.

Class Plan:

Replay from September 28th - 13th Class

Making a Value-Based Offer Round Up

Contraction Triggers

Just for You Marketing Plan with Built In Exquisite Self Care + Contraction Time

For Going Forward

Be brilliant + Have fun! <3

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